Cigar ‘n Cum…

Ran across this dude on line and thought he needed to be his own post. Maybe one or two of you guys will ignore the cigar and help him out 🙂

Dude. Time for a little “toke ‘n tap”!

Hey, guys. It’s Keon. Since David and Ben told us we could post whatever we want on “Friends Friday,” I thought I’d do a “Pot” post. If you’ve been following UnrulyDude for a while, you already know that I fuckin’ love smokin’ weed. To me, there’s just NOTHIN’ better than gettin’ high and havin’ sex. I know some of you (like Wonderboy) agree – and some don’t. Doesn’t matter. I like it, and Rick likes it, and David and Ben like it, so it works for us. Ben, Rick and I will all graduate next Spring and I think the best thing in the World would be if we would all move to Colorado. Don’t know if that’ll happen, but I sure wish it could. I think it would be o.k. with David and Ben, but Rick’s boss really wants him to take over management of the nursery , so we’ll just have to see. Wherever we are, I know the four of us will be together and we’ll be “tokin’ and tappin’!

It’s Thursday evening and I’m “pre-posting” this. I hope I understand WordPress enough to get this up on the blog on Friday. We’re leaving early tomorrow morning for a long holiday weekend at Table Rock lake in Southern Missouri. We’re dropping Dub off in Springfield so he can spend time with his grandparents (and Coco!!). The four of us are lookin’ forward to a fun and relaxing weekend at the lake. We hope you guys all have wonderful, fun, safe Labor day holidays!

Smokin’ hot!

Yesterday, we were checking our buddy “FlipFlopsBoy’s” blog, and saw this amazingly hot dude (pic #1 here) who was smoking. That got us thinking about our friend “Hnghry,” who thinks smoking dudes are really hot. It’s been over a year since we did a “smoking” post, so here are some hot guys smoking while otherwise engaged. Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em.