Happy birthday dear Larry, happy birthday to you!

Larry… you’re one of URD’s dearest friends – and we’re wishing you good health, prosperity, love and every happiness on your birthday. We love you! xox David, Ben and the gang

Our objective in putting Larry’s birthday post together was to make it a collection of smooth young dudes with NO tatts and NO piercings. We think we’ve managed it… but, of course if we haven’t, our buddy Jingle will let us know 🙂

Dudes with razors!

Well. You knew this was coming. After last weeks’ “Dudes without razors,” post, a bunch of smooth, shaved guys was inevitable. Some of you won’t like these pics, but we’re betting Larry will. Who knows, even Denny might see a guy or two he likes enough to invoke his “no hair – don’t care” rule? To be honest, Ben and I just plain like dudes -and we don’t much care whether they’re shaved or hairy. If it’s nothing else, Unrulydude is an equal-opportunity blog 🙂

It’s been a very busy weekend here at the Lake. Last week, Jim and Ben “found” an empty building that had been a dentist’s office for the last 25 years that Ben thought would make an excellent schoolhouse. He moved quickly… got help from “Dr.C”, and they leased the building. Then, the “Northland gang” went to work. We all spent Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday over there painting the interior, installing new window blinds and putting down new ceramic-vinyl flooring. Alex was like a “conductor” directing a symphony and the kids painted the bathrooms. “Baby blue” for the boy’s and “Peppermint pink” for the girl’s. Fortunately, we did the painting before we did the floor tile, so a few “whoops” didn’t matter. Presto! Tonight, there’s a really tired bunch of folks down here – and there’s a new “Table Rock school campus” for Ben and the kids. It has two classrooms, an office for Ben, two bathrooms and a break area – all freshly painted and it’s awesome. Ben worked out a deal with the building’s owner and he’ll deduct the cost of paint, tile and blinds from rent payments. Ben’s school is the lessee, but he’s convinced the new “campus” belongs entirely to him and the kids. I’ve never seen them happier. The furniture and fixtures Dr.C is sending will be here Wednesday. I’m wondering if we’ll ever get “back to normal” and move back home. Probably??? At least for now, the kids (and the adults, too) couldn’t be happier than we are here at the Lake 🙂

It’s a bunch of scruffy dudes… ummm… however…

Even though we have a “reason” for doing this post of dudes who shave their junk, we’re apologizing in advance to “bw” and the rest of you who only like pics of men with body hair. Sorry guys 🙂

Keon, Rick, Travon, Ben, Dub and I went out to dinner Saturday evening and afterward, Dub (and Buzz) were invited for a “sleepover” at Travon’s house. Ben and I were excited about an evening at home alone and had just mixed up some margaritas, gotten naked and were headed to the hot tub with pot pipe in hand when my cell phone rang. It was Rick’s brother “Chad,” so, of course I took the call. He said, “David. It’s Chad. Are you guys busy?” I said, “Ummm. Not really. Dub is at Travon’s and Ben and I are just headed to the hot tub.” He said, “O.K. if I join you?” I said, “Well, we’re naked. If you’re o.k. with that, sure. Come on over.” He said, “I’ll be there in five minutes.” So, I grabbed an extra glass and Ben and I headed to the hot tub. We’d been in the water for about 2 or 3 minutes when Chad opened the door and walked out on the deck. He said “Hey.” and started taking off his clothes. When he was naked, we couldn’t help noticing a few things. First, he’s pretty hairy and has a full beard but his junk is shaved smooth as a baby’s butt. Second, his dick was very, very hard. Third, although he’s maybe the straightest guy we’ve ever known, he looked amazing naked.
He jumped in the tub, Ben handed him a drink, and he said, “Man, this is great! Uhhh. Am I interrupting?” We just laughed and Ben said, “Nah. man. You’re always welcome.” We all drank a bit and passed around the pipe. Chad said, “Thanks for letting me come over. I’ve had a real shit day and kind of need to be with friends right now.” I said, “What’s going on?”
Long story short, Chad said he’d caught his “woman” doing crystal meth again. Said she had a long history with meth and had absolutely promised him she’d never do it again. But she’s relapsed several times and the last time he told her if she ever did it again, they were finished. She did and they are. He’d spent the day moving his stuff out. He said he got his boat and trailer stored “at the lake” and put the rest of his stuff in a storage unit. He said he’s leased another house but the current occupants haven’t finished moving out so he won’t be able to move in until next weekend. I said, “You’re welcome to crash here for the week if you want.” He said, “You sure?” And Ben said, “Absolutely.”
We drank and smoked some more and were all getting pretty buzzed. Then -just very casually – Chad said, “I’ve never done sex with a dude.” We figured it was just him being buzzed so neither Ben nor I commented. A couple of minutes later, he said, “I mean, I don’t see anything wrong with guys having sex and you all are my best friends.” Ben said, “We have lots of friends who’re straight. It’s not a big deal. It all just depends on how you’re wired.” We passed the pipe around some more and Chad said, “I really want to try sex with dudes.” Again, neither Ben nor I commented. After a while, Chad said, “Would you guys have sex with me tonight?”
So, Ben and I looked at each other… then we lifted his lower body up out of the water and proceeded to take turns sucking his dick. He got off pretty quickly and we figured that would be the end of it. We relaxed for a while and drank a bit more and passed the pipe around again. Then, Chad surprised us by saying, “There’s a lot more sex stuff I’d like to try. Could we maybe go get in your bed now? Please.”
So, we did. And I guess you’d say if there’s any gay sex thing we didn’t do, it’s because we didn’t think of it. For a “straight” dude, Chad is a “natural” at gay sex. We slept together that night and when he woke us up in the morning, we did it all again.
I don’t think Ben or I – or Chad – know what this means, if anything. We do know Chad’s spending the next week at our house and we’ll help him move his stuff into his new place next weekend. He asked us if we were going to “tell the other guys about this” and we said “Yes. Of course.” He grinned and said “Hell, maybe you could do a post about it.” So here it is. And that’s why the pics in the post are of scruffy dudes with shaved junk – like Chad 🙂