It’s about being water babes (and the “snap”)!

David, Dub, Austin and I had a wonderful 4th of July week. It’s kind of a long story. Ever since going to Table Rock lake last year I’ve wanted to take Dub, Austin and Erik down there. Then, David’s friend (who owns the cabin) called… and said he was going to sell the cabin and asked if we wanted to buy it. He said no one was using it the week of the 4th and we could go there if we wanted. So, we checked with Pam and Mark and Damien and Ty to see if the boys could go with us. Damien said it was o.k. with them if Austin wanted to go… but Pam and Mark were going to Illinois for a big family 4th celebration so Erik wouldn’t be able to go.
(If you’ve forgotten about the cabin on Table Rock lake, click on the “Undies selfie” tab on the right side of the page and you can read our post of Sept. 7th, 2016).
Anyway, we decided to go to Springfield for the 4th with the grand parents – and then head on to the lake.
Dub and Austin truly are best buds and were really “jacked up” about the trip. Austin has made amazing progress and is getting more and more social all the time, but he still has his “moments” when something inside him makes him want to act out. That’s where the “snap” comes in.
One of the first things I noticed about David when I moved in with him was the way he snaps his fingers. He didn’t do it a lot… but when he did, it was really loud. The dogs would be barking at someone walking by out front (they’re schnauzers!) and David would snap his fingers and they’d immediately stop. So, I started snapping my fingers and (later) found it works wonders in the classroom. Anyway, whenever the dogs or the boys are getting rowdy, either David or I will snap our fingers and it gets quiet immediately. It’s amazing. So, Dub wanted to learn to snap his fingers and we’ve tried to teach him, but he can’t do it. No matter how he tries, he just can’t. So, whenever Austin starts to “act out,” Dub just looks at him and says “SNAP,” and Austin stops what he’s doing… and then they both start giggling. Sometimes, Austin will look at Dub and say “SNAP,” and they laugh. I don’t pretend to understand.
So, anyway, after a great 4th with the grandparents (and COCO), we went on to the lake. The cabin is awesome and the boys love it. The first day there, we took the boat out on the lake and we all swam and David pulled me and I water skiied. After we got back to the cabin, Austin said, “I wanna try skiing.” Dub didn’t know if he wanted to try it, but Austin definitely did. So, the next morning, we went to a marina over by Kimberling City and bought a “kids wakeboard.” Austin was anxious to try it, so we started with him sitting on the dock with his feet on the wakeboard… and, after he fell off 4 times, he started doing it. When I saw the look on his face the first time he wakeboarded, I felt a tear run down my cheek. He was so proud – and smiling from ear-to-ear… and we were so happy for him. Eventually, Dub decided to “have a go at it”… and (after 8 or 9 tries) he also mastered the wakeboard.
So, that’s how we spend our time at the lake. Swimming, and skiing, and wake boarding, and cooking outside on the grille, and sleeping on the screened porch, and laughing and having more fun than we could have imagined.
We got home late this afternoon. We’re all completely worn out. The dogs (and Keon and Rick) were happy to see us – the garden is weedless and looking great – and the corn should be ready to pick by next weekend.
David called his friend tonight. We’re buying the cabin.