Dude. Check out these sneaker dudes (or runner dudes if you prefer).

The way Dub outgrows shoes, Ben and I have guessed we could have retired on our footwear expenditures. But it doesn’t matter… we’re just glad he has the food, clothes, friends and love he needs. We bought him some new “sneakers” last week and quickly learned they’re called “runners” – not “sneakers” in Australia. We’re glad Callum got us straightened out on that 🙂

Dude. Check out the sneakers!

Last week, I noticed Dub limping a little when he walked down to the boat dock. I asked him what was going on and he said “I think maybe my shoe is too little.” So, David and I checked it and sure enough, he’d outgrown another pair of sneakers. We had him pick out some new ones on Zappos.com (free shipping and returns)… and they got here Tuesday. It’s amazing how fast our little dude is growing!
Denny asked us to be sure to tell you about the results of “The Great Table Rock Horseshoe Pitching Contest.” The competition was fierce and everyone had fun with it. Keon won the Seniors division by a runaway 6-point margin. Jim commented that Keon playing the other seniors was “a lot like running Secretariat against a bunch of plow horses. The kids tournament was another matter. Austin led most of the time but Dub, Tra and Chance were never far behind. Bella was given an opportunity to throw from a shorter (woman’s) distance but she refused. She said (somewhat indignantly) “I can throw as good as any boy and I don’t need an advantage.” The finish came down to Austin, Dub and Chance – with Chance pitching last. When he came up to throw, he was 5 points behind Dub and 6 behind Austin (it was a 40 shoe match). He calmly grasped the first shoe and tossed a perfect ringer (3 points). There was a lot of (good-natured) pressure but he was totally calm. His second pitch hit the top of the stake, circled a couple of times and fell. It was close… but the judges (Jim and Scott) measured it carefully and determined it was a ringer. Another 3 points. Tie match. There was some discussion about how the winner would be determined, but the judges ruled the Juniors tournament a tie between Austin and Chance with Dub finishing one point behind. Both Austin and Chance will receive “first place trophies” and have their names engraved on the permanent championship trophy. Everyone was really happy for Chance. He’s a great kid and totally different since he’s become Cal and Alex’ son – and Bella’s “little” brother.
I’m sure there’ll be lots more horseshoe pitching around here as summer goes on 🙂

Happy Birthday, dear Kent. Happy Birthday to you!

With our best Birthday wishes to one of our best ever on-line friends. Sorry we’re so late in the day getting this posted, babe. Hope your birthday was the best ever. We love you!
David and Ben