To catch a snowball…

Yesterday was a short day at school (administrative planning time), so Dub, Travon and I got home from school a little after noon. We had lunch and, since it was sunny and the temp was in the low 40’s, the boys were excited about playing outside in the snow. It was melting just enough to make it perfect for making snowballs, so a bunch of neighborhood kids showed up and they decided to make “snow forts” and have a battle. “Buzz” absolutely loves the snow and was in the big middle of the whole thing. The boys got their forts built and were throwing snowballs at one another and Buzz thought his job was to catch every snowball thrown. He’d run back and forth trying to catch them and we were all laughing and I pulled out my phone and started taking pics. Eventually, the boys got tired of the snowball fight and started making snowmen. Buzz kept wanting to play so Dub would make a snowball and toss it in the air and Buzz would catch it… and try to bring it back. Of course, all he got back with was a mouthful of water and some slobbers, but Dub was on his knees and telling him “Good boy, while David and I and some of the other parents looked on and laughed.
We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and agreed we’re thankful for boys and dogs and snow… and for a beautiful, cold afternoon in the Northland.

Snowballs in October!

While I was on vacation, had a comment from “Ginsberg” saying: “Would love to see a felching-Post, if this is something you find interesting, too. Could be combined with a bareback-Pst, But i must admit I find it very romantic and hot to see tops eating their laods from the bottoms freshly bred holes!”
So, I went back and looked and found that I’ve never done a “felting” post. Amazing, really… since it’s one of my absolute favorite things to do. So, I’m gonna split this request into 2 post – one for “felting (or snowballing)” and another for ass-cum eating. For today, let’s have a look at some very cummy kisses! Thanks for the suggestion, Ginsberg!