Dude. Check out this “blast from the past”!

Last night, I was going through some old photo files and ran across a folder titled “C. J. Crawford.” I opened it and went “Fuck me!” The folder was in my “2012” group – which was before I met Ben, and I remember posting some of these pics to one of the earlier versions of UnrulyDude (long since deleted by Blogger). I realize this post won’t appeal to everyone but it sure does it for me.
C. J. Crawford was a quintessential all-American straight bad boy who apparently did two scenes for Randy Blue… one a solo jerk-off (pics #01 – #032 and #048 here)… and the other a blow job clip with another gay-for-pay (?) boy named Shane Fisher (pics #033 – #047). The solo scene is apparently from November 23, 2010 – and the blow job scene from February 15, 2011.
I have absolutely no doubt C.J. was straight when he made these – but he sure seemed to enjoy showing off his junk for the camera. He also didn’t seem to mind having another guy slurp his worm. So, I hope you guys won’t mind if I post this little “blast from the past.” Incidentally, if C.J was 20 when he did these scenes (???) he’d be about 32 now. I’m guessing he’s still hot as fuck! xoxo David
BTW, in case you’re interested, here’s a link to C.J.’s jerk off video (He drops an impressive load at the end):


Dude. Check out this beautiful naked European boy!

I realize this will have limited appeal… but I just have to post these pics. This kid looks really young but he was photographed by mikefriends.com and they’re a respectable site so I feel sure he’s 18 or over.
I know nothing about “Danill” except he’s a beautiful young man with some of the prettiest eyes I’ve seen. Also, he appears here exactly as God created him… with hairy balls, junk, pits, ass crack, legs and feet. Since I have no idea when these pics were taken, I don’t know how old he would be today but I sincerely hope he’s never let a razor anywhere near his body.
While I know Danill won’t appeal to everyone, I’m hoping that “bw” pr “beto” or maybe one or two of you other guys will join me in admiring this beautiful young man.

W H O A ! W O F F ! Y U M !

Commenting on our request for “porn pup” post recommendations, our buddy “Beto” said (in part):
“David, as far as I recall it, there’s actually a pending list. Hope you and my mates don’t mind an update on this topic:
bw – Calvin Banks, Blake Mitchell, Will Braun.”
Thank you, Beto! I have no idea how we missed these requests, but it’s time to get cracking on them. In thinking about “bw”‘s request, we had a bit of a quandary about which of the three dudes to select. We finally settled on “Blake Mitchell” because he’s a hot guy with a BIG, uncut dick – has tons of pics available – and he’s cute in his glasses (he even wears ’em in the shower!) Blake started his gay modeling career with Helix Studios in 2015 at the age of 21. He’s also performed for Cockyboys, BelAmi and possibly others. He’s almost exclusively a “top” but he did “bottom” in a Helix scene in 2017.
Thanks for the suggestion, bw… and thanks for updating us on these requests, Beto. We’ll keep it going!