Dude. These guys will “knock your socks off” !

On New Years eve while were being unruly in the hot tub, Cal mentioned we haven’t had a “socks” post lately… and we promised him one. Here you go, babe. Hope these guys really do “knock your socks off.”

We have a couple of thoughts to share in response to Denny’s last comment.
-Yes. The kids’ new I-Watches are awesome – and a super safety tool. They have them set so that in an emergency all they have to do is click on the phone icon on their watch and say “Seri, call dad.” They can reach us within seconds. Amazing!
-Nathan and Diana have told us their baby is due “the end of June or early July.” Nathan tells us they haven’t talked much about baby names yet. We’re guessing it’ll be something biblical?
-We were disappointed to see Brayden Smith get beaten on Jeopardy yesterday… but he has enough days and dollars to bring him back for the champions tourney. Dub is a big fan of his. We haven’t heard whether Ken Jennings will be Alex’ replacement (not that anyone could replace Alex!)
On an unrelated subject, we’re really pleased that UnrulyDude hit an all-time high in “page views” on January 2nd. Thanks, guys. We love doing the blog and are glad that so many of you enjoy it.
Finally, we’re really, really worried about “bw.” The last time we heard from him was this comment on January 29th:
“I hope you all had a great Christmas. IN spite of trying to maintain our bubble, my niece has confirmed Covid and I have so many symptoms that I’m sure I have it too. Well, shit. I drove 8+ hours today to get back to my doctor, any my lower back and knees hurt – really bad – but oddly, no fever to speak of. So I’ll go in the morning and the swab stuck up in my brain, then wait for the bad news.”
Bill, we’re thinking of you and praying for your good health. We love you!
xoxo David and Ben

Dude. “Sox it to me” !

Lots of good news here in the Northland. Dub and I met Cal, Alex and Chance at the hospital a little before 6:00 A.M. this morning and they took Chance back for surgery at 6:10. Cal was an absolute nervous wreck so I sort of dragged him to the coffee shop to try to calm him down a bit. I wasn’t very successful, but at least I got him away from the waiting room for about an hour. Alex and Dub, on the other hand, were totally calm. Alex said “We have absolute confidence in these Doctors and Chance is a strong kid, so there’s nothing to worry about.” The “waiting” seemed to go on forever but at 9:44 A.M. the lead Doctor came out and told us “Everything went perfectly. We have the first step in Chance’s “hearing process” behind us and there’s every reason to be optimistic about the outcome. With some hard work on his part, we’ll have him hearing in a few months.” He told us Chance was in recovery and said his Dads could go back “to be with him when he wakes up.”
Dub and I stayed in the waiting room and passed the time by playing games on his laptop.
By a little after one p.m., we had a “very bandaged” Chance loaded into Cal’s car – and followed them home. Dub and I stopped on the way to pick up lunch, and we stayed with them until about 3:00 o’clock.
So, it was an excellent day. Dub and I are happy that there’s no school tomorrow – or until next Monday. We’ll be having a big Thanksgiving celebration at Denise and Scott’s condo on Thursday. The Doctor said Chance could probably join us “if he’s continuing to do well.”
David, Dub and I are excited about Thanksgiving and we’re sure it’ll be a joyous Holiday. We hope all of you have a great Holiday – with friends and/or family – while we all give thanks for our many blessings! xoxo Ben and David

Dude. You can leave your sox on!

Hey, guys. It’s Cal. I want to bring you up-to-date on what’s happening with our amazing “foster son” Chance. I promise I’ll keep this as short as possible.
Chance has been with us for less than three months… and it’s hard to even remember what life was like without him. He and Bella are crazy about each other and Cookie thinks he’s her new “play toy.” Roberta has done an amazing job of teaching all of us ASL and we’ve found that communicating with him is no problem whatever. He loves his school and has become great friends with Dub, Tra and Austin. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier little dude.
Anyway, as I’ve already told you, the Department of Social Services said they had been unable to locate Chance’s parents… so, on the advice of our attorney we hired a “people locator service.” Interestingly, it took them less than a week to locate Chance’s birth mother. When we asked them how they did it, they said “It’s better you don’t know.” Our attorney agreed. Here’s what we know:
1. She’s alive – living in a small town in Arkansas – and married to a Church of Christ minister. They have no children and she says she is “unable to have children because of damage due to the birth of a child (the baby was born “breach”). She blames “It” for her inability to have children with her husband.
2. She says she was once a “loose woman” who had sex with a large number of men and has “absolutely no idea” who the father of her child was. She says that was before she “found Jesus.” The birth certificate shows “father unknown.”
3. She says she “Only had the baby because her mother pressured her to do it – and promised to raise “it.”
4. She is terrified that her husband will find out about the existence of a living child. She apparently told him she was raped and had a miscarriage that was responsible for her inability to conceive.
5. She agreed to a DNA paternity test on the condition of “non disclosure.” The DNA test confirms she is, in fact the birth mother. She only refers to the child as “It” and readily agreed to sign a “Statement of child abandonment.”
6. Our attorney has submitted all the information to the Department of Social Services and an “adoption hearing” is scheduled for Tuesday, October 15th. The State has told our attorney they will neither “recommend” nor “formally object to” the adoption. Alex and I have talked about this endlessly. It’s like this. The folks at Social Services aren’t bad people… they’re just afraid of doing something that’s “against the rules” or might cost them their jobs. Their earlier experience with Keon and Rick has apparently convinced them that a “non-traditional family” isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and honestly our attorney scares them half to death.
October 15th will be one of the most important days of our lives. We’d appreciate your thoughts and prayers. xoxo Cal and Alex