Dude. Let’s “Split”!

By Saturday morning, David was feeling really good (or said he was). We walked the dogs – did the grocery shopping – had lunch at a little bar ‘n grille by campus – drove to NKC to pick up BBQ for dinner – and watched the Sporting KC match on t.v. Then we showered and went to bed. I could tell he was real tired – but he reached for my junk and felt my hard dick. I said, “David. Stop that.” He said, “Why?” I said, “because you had a heart attack Wednesday night and we’re not going to take any chances.” He said, “You’re horny and your dick is about to bust. Let me get you off.” I turned on the light – looked him in the eyes and said, “Look. We’re not gonna do anything stupid. If you can’t keep your hands to yourself, I’ll go down to my room to sleep.” He said, “You need to get off.” I said, “Yes, I do. And I’ll take care of it – or it can take care of itself. You have an appointment with your cardiologist on May 8th – and after he checks you out – if he says it’s safe, we’ll have sex. Now – do you want to cuddle and sleep with me without touching my junk – or do you want me to go downstairs?” He said, “I love you, baby. Turn out the light and let’s get some sleep.” So that’s what we did.