Dude. Check out these fit, flexible guys!

Yesterday, our friend “Phil” commented on Rick and Keon’s “gay photo poses” post, saying: “One of the things that always intrigued me and turned me on was flexibility, so a lot of these are yummmmmm”
That got us thinking about hot, supple, flexible guys – and this is the result. Hope you all like your guys fit and flexible!

We’ve had some beautiful Spring days and Ben has had the kids outdoors most afternoons. They’ve identified and collected leaves from a whole bunch of trees… got to see (and photograph) some deer and wild turkeys… and helped Dub plant his garden. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and Thursday, so Dub is really happy to have everything planted. Spring is beautiful in the Ozarks and the kids are loving being out and about! xoxo David and Ben

Dirty Mudders!

Had a comment from “Shane” the other day saying:
“Have you ever done a post about muddy athletes? Like from tough mudder or the spartan race? Or just dirty athletes in general? It doesn’t have to be nude.” Then, “Bill S” said: “I’d like to get to the showers with some dirty athletes too, Shane!”
What I like most about post requests is getting entirely new ideas. And, no, Shane, I’ve never done a post like this… and it’s been great fun putting it together. A few of these dudes probably aren’t athletes… but they’re all dirty boys… and I’m betting you and Bill and I would have a great time showering with any or all of ’em. Thanks for a great suggestion!