Boys being boys!

I used to do these “boys being boys” posts all the time on previous blogs, but strangely, not here. Of course, this could also be a “story” post and we’re guessing our buddy Bill S would like that. The last picture here (#048) doesn’t necessarily fit the category but when we found it, we thought it might be a lot like the someday lake view from the front of Dante and Silas’ new aerie 🙂

Thanks to Ben, Dub and the gang, I had a wonderful birthday. My big birthday surprise was a “card palooza” organized by Dub. That’s where friends and relatives send real, honest-to-God paper birthday cards through the U.S. Postal services “snail mail.” We did one for Dub back when we lived in the K.C. Northland and he still has every card. Anyway, my “card palooza” was Dub’s idea and he contacted tons of people via text. Keon helped him with text addresses for business associates and trade association members. The cards started arriving on Friday before my birthday and were still coming today. As of now, Dub tells me I’ve received 61 birthday cards – all of which he has strung up on ribbons all over the house. It’s a fun thing and great to hear from everyone. Dub never ceases to surprise and amaze!

Dude. What’s tha story?

We haven’t done a “story” post since January, so we thought it was time to get our buddy “Bills” his “story pic fix”. They’re always fun. Hope you like ’em!

From David:
Lots going on around here. Ben and the kids are excited about the start of school – and it’s a very busy time of year business-wise for Keon and me. All of us have laid in a big supply of hand sanitizer, tp, paper towels, etc. so we appreciate the storage space our “cave” provides. I swear, it looks like the paper goods area at Costco 🙂
Raef and Chad have been busy cutting firewood and now each of our cabins is stocked for the winter. It’s hard work, but it’s been fun helping them.
Last week, Jim, Carol and Ben took the kids “blackberry picking.” Because of the briars, they all wore jeans, long-sleeve shirts and sweat bands (it was hot). They were a “hoot” so we took about a hundred pics of them for their memory books. Chiggers are always a problem so we were going to soak them down with “deet,” but Carol insisted on sprinkling everyone’s sox, underwear bands and any other tight places with sulfa powder instead. She said “I just don’t trust all those damn chemicals.” The sulfa powder sure worked because no one got a single chigger bite!
Everyone was here for the Labor Day holiday. It’s always fun having the “grands” here with us. We spent lots of time out on the lake swimming, skiing and wake boarding. It makes us kind of sad to think it won’t be long before we have to store the boats for winter. I used our smoker and made six slabs of baby back ribs plus a bunch of beef brisket, It was amazing – if I do say so myself. Carol made two huge blackberry cobblers and Jim and the kids made hand crank ice cream. It was WONDERFUL!
This is getting long, so I’ll turn it over to Ben now. Be well and good to yourself and others. xoxo David
From Ben:
Well, we’re finally back-to-school and we’re all “pumped” to be back in the classroom. I’ve done first-quarter lesson planning for the K.C. campus as well as our little school down here. A few weeks ago, “Dr. C” asked me to get in touch with the parents of all the K.C. kids to assure them about on-line learning. I said “Isn’t that the principal’s job?” He said, “Ben, the parents have confidence in you so a phone call or “zoom” would be most helpful. SO… I’ve talked or zoomed with almost every K.C. parent. It was a HUGE job but I understand their concern and was happy to do it.
Chad has been helping with teaching ever since we started down here. He almost has a “liberal arts” degree so we did the paperwork and got him certified as a “paraprofessional.” I talked with “Dr C” and he agreed the school would pay him the going rate for teaching assistants. It’s not a lot of money but he was really pleased. I’m glad to know he’ll be here and up-to-speed in case I should get sick or something.
“Janette” is going to spend a couple of hours every Tuesday teaching them French. She loves working with the kids and I’m pretty sure they’ll all be trilingual someday.
One other thing about school. Last month, I got a call from our Minister in K.C. asking how were doing down here at the lake. We talked for a long time… then he mentioned a recently retired lady he knows who lives in Branson and is a serious “potter.” He said she’s a lovely person and has won a number of awards for her work. He wanted to know if I’d have any interest in having her teach the kids pottery. Long story short, I’ve met with her twice – and have bought pottery wheels and all the necessary supplies. She’ll be coming each Friday afternoon to teach them (and Chad and me) how to “throw a pot.”
So that’s what’s happening down here. We’re all happy about our move to the Lake and are confident about the relative safety of our little “pandemic pod.” We hope all of you are well and happy… and surviving the pandemic and political madness.
xoxo Ben

Dude. What’s the story?

It’s been a couple of month since we gave Bill a “story post-fix”, so we figured it was time for another. Love watching these dudes doing whatever it is they’re doing!