Dude. Check out these April fools!

It’s definitely Spring here at the lake and we’re enjoying these days with temps in the 60’s and occasional 70’s. Dub and Jim have been hard at work in the garden – transplanting the plants Dub has grown from seeds in the “greenhouse” in his room. We’ve had some nice rains so everything is greening up nicely.
I asked Dub if he was going to go up to the aerie with Silas and Dante to meet “Daisy.” He said “It’s not time yet. Too many people would just confuse her. She needs time to get used to ‘her people’ before anyone else meets her.” So there you have it 🙂

Dude. Check out these butt naked “kitchen counter toppers”!

Concerning our “buck naked – butt naked” post series, on January 17th, our buddy Jingle commented:
“I got it!! Butt/Buck Naked dudes in the Kitchen!! I know you have enough material to quickly and easily put it together!! 😄”
He’s right about our folders of dudes naked in the kitchen. But somehow, we couldn’t forget bw’s comment: “I must be a little OCD about my kitchen and germs – if you put your bare ass on my granite there will be trouble. However, for some of these lads, I would get out the anti-bacterial spray after they departed.”
Naturally, that brought about the idea for a post of “kitchen counter toppers.”
Bill, we know this may make you cringe… so break out the lysol spray. You’re gonna need it! 🙂

Yesterday, Dante and Silas went to the Stone County Recorder of deeds office to get their marriage license. The wedding isn’t until Saturday, but they wanted to be sure to have the license ready to go. They said the clerk looked at them like they had leprosy but issued the license without any problems. Same-sex marriage has been legal in Missouri since 2015 but they’re obviously not common in Stone county. They texted Dub immediately after they got the license and we’re guessing he was happy to check that detail off his list 🙂

Dude. Check out these butt naked boys in bunches!

First, there were three naked dudes.

Then there were four.

Then five naked guys having fun together.

And six naked dudes fixin’ to get nasty.

With seven naked dudes, it’s a party!

Fuck, man. When it comes to naked dudes, it’s the more the merrier!
Back on January 7th, our buddy “ray” commented:
“I love those fun photos of a group of naked guys, could this be a post request?”
Well, of course it could… and we wanted to do something special for ray. So here are some little groups – and some bigger groups – and some great big groups of naked guys who are about to have a whole lot of fun! Thanks for the request, ray. This is FUN STUFF!