It’s “laundry day” here on Unrulydude!

During December, the subject of LAUNDRY accounted for lots of comments here on URD. It probably started with Denny recalling Alex and Cal’s chance meeting in a laundry room – then there was bw’s remark “is it weird that I like doing laundry?” Then, on December 20th, Jeff said “Since you mentioned it as where Alex and Cal met, how about a post of guys in the laundry room?”
The next day, Kent e-mailed us a WONDERFUL bunch of gay laundry photos… and we’ve been meaning to do a post ever since. It’s taken us a while, but it’s here at last. It’s just good CLEAN fun 🙂

Dude. Check out these butt-naked gym rats!

Back on January 3rd, Jingle commented:
“As I lay in bed last night, drifting off to sleep, it hit me!!… Butt/Buck Naked Gym Rats!! 😄
Fit dudes, nude in a Gym setting, or the Showers, or the Locker Room!! It has always cracked me up that in pretty much every Locker Room, there’s a sign prohibiting the use of cameras, but you always see dudes taking selfies! Or perhaps surreptitiously snapping pics of other dudes! Whatta ya think?”
We think it’s a wonderful idea. As long as the dudes are AMATEURS. As we put this post together, we tried to find pics of REAL GUYS… in real gyms, locker rooms and showers. Hope you enjoy a few glimpses of nekid boys doing what nekid boys do in the gym!

Matty, Lissa, Chad and Raef. Plus… a look at some “average joes.”

Hey, guys. It’s Chad. Since everyone has been doing “Gay porn and kids” posts, I guess it’s “our turn in the barrel.” Alyssa and Mateo are doing great. They’re settled into their new rooms and are obviously happy kids. Matty’s language skills continue to improve. When we started fostering him, Spanish was his only language so he’s had to learn English – and, of course he’s learning French and ASL in school. It’s a lot for a little guy but he’s handling it well. He loves school, being with the other kids and playing with “Bud.”
Although there’s only about a year-and-a half difference in their ages, Lissa thinks she’s his mother and honestly, she does a pretty good job at it. She’s very mature for her age (we think because she lived with Miss Evelyn for so long) and she clearly has good maternal instincts. She and Bella are best buds and when they’re not together they’re usually texting.
I’m lucky because I’m with them at school all the time, but they’re both crazy about Raef… as he is about them.
So I guess that’s what’s going on with us. We keep following the situation with covid vaccine for kids and it’s looking like it may be available early to mid November, so we’re hoping for a big, mask-free Thanksgiving. Failing that, we think the entire “Table Rock gang” will be able to enjoy a mask-less Christmas – complete with the grandparents.
Thanks to David and Ben for these “average joes” pics. Raef’s gonna love ’em!
Hugs and best wishes for good health. Chad and Raef