Here you go, dude. Flesh Jackers!

Way back on December 17, 2015, we did a “flesh jackers post” and said (in part):
This is the first “fleshjack” post ever on URD – and, probably the last. David and I talked about it… and fleshjacks are something we just don’t understand.”
We still don’t. However… having said that, there are a whole bunch of amazingly hot dudes on the internet with their dicks stuck in these silly little plastic things. Of course, what’s fun… is imagining what’s deep in these flesh-jacks… and knowing how happy they’d be if their dicks were in our mouths instead 🙂

Dude. Check out these “Bad Boys”!

We didn’t want Jingle to have to suffer through another frozen Sunday morning without a fresh batch of dudes to go with his dark roast – so here are some boys who are “bad” (in a good way).

The kids and I have been watching Trump’s second impeachment hearing in school the last few days. They wanted to watch it and I thought it would be a good learning experience. In the process, we’ve become big fans of the lead impeachment prosecutor, Jamie Raskin. This really is an awesome group of kids. Dub, Austin, Travon and Chance seem to really grasp what’s happening in the hearing, and they’re good to help me explain things to the others. The outcome was disappointing, of course… but the truth was clearly on display. We’ll spend some time talking about it again on Monday.
We talked with the grandparents this morning. They’ll be getting their second covid shots on February 26th. They’re having to drive to Clinton, MO for their shots and that’s about 90 miles from Springfield. Well worth the trip!
We’re happy to hear that so many of you are getting your shots. Maybe we’ll get this damned pandemic under control before too much longer. Be safe. Keep wearing your masks, social distancing and washing your hands. Stay well. We love you. Ben and David

Time for a peek into Rick’s “Whatever folder”

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. Sorry it’s been so long since Keon and I have posted, but 2020 has been an insane year for us. I’ve learned that running a business remotely is harder than you might think. Having said that, our nursery business is about to finish its most profitable year ever. Getting out of the in-person retail part of the business turned out to be the right decision at the right time.
Anyway, we’re beginning to get excited about the Holidays. We’ve finished decorating the cabins and they’re pretty spectacular at night. Jim says people in Branson can probably see the glow. Now, if we just had some snow, the kids would be really happy.
Hope you’re doing well surviving the pandemic. Maybe someday we’ll all look back on this and think having our storage areas full of toilet paper, paper towels and hand sanitizer was pretty funny! xoxo Rick and Keon