Dude. Check out these butt naked bald bois!

Yesterday, Jingle commented: “What’s next in the Butt/Buck Naked series?!?!… Bald, perhaps?? 🙂”
Then, Beto said “That would be lots of fun!”
So here you have it, guys. Dudes who don’t need hair (on their heads) to be HOT. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything sexier that rubbing my hubby’s bald head while he’s bangin’ me (or I’m pounding him)!

Tomorrow is our last day of school until after the Christmas break. The spring semester promises to be fun – and challenging – with new students and Silas as a new teacher.
I am SO HAPPY we’re a private school and don’t have to put up with the political bullshit the public school teachers and administers are barraged with. Right now, Missouri’s Attorney General (a flaming asshole who’s running for U.S. Senate with Trump’s blessing) is busy filing lawsuits against public schools in an attempt to end all school mask mandates. Worse, he’s actually suing to keep them from quarantining Covid-positive kiddos… and forcing their return to the classrooms.
Of course, he’s radically anti-abortion (sanctity of life, you know). Apparently he either hasn’t heard about the 802,000 people dead from Covid in the U.S. – or he’s just an ambitious idiot who doesn’t care about anyone but himself.
Hey, bw, I guess we all need to rant a bit from time to time 🙂

“Spoiling” our bud?

This morning, our buddy “Jingle” commented about one of the dudes pictured in yesterday’s “boy-bones!” post, saying:
“OK friends, bear with me here, but #33 is one of those images that sets my mind reeling!! The juxtaposition of the intensely hot and hunky (married) naked dude against the elegant and luxurious background!! His beautiful cock and amazing well-defined scrotal raphe!! His gumdrop nipples!! (May I suggest more scrotal piercings and/or getting his left nipple pierced?!?! 🙂 ) The “Swagger Stick” reminds me of the one my late Mother carried in her later years!! (I still have it, carefully perseved by the Front Door, like Tiny Tim’s crutch!! 🙂 ) And one last detail, if you look closely in the lower right-hand corner of the frame, you’ll see the photographer’s reflection caught in the pier mirror!! WHEW!!! YOWZA!!!!”
Honestly, when we ran across this pic, we had much the same reaction. So… here’s a little information about this guy. His name is Daniel Marvin. He’s Argentinian and was born on 11-14-1978. His gay porn career ran from 2007 through 2013. He was in a “relationship” with Pedro Andreas (pic #10 here) for a time and they MAY (?) have been married… but are no longer together. This set of pics is from “UK Naked Men” and we’ve run across other pics done by “Men at Play” and “Raging Stallion”.
I guess this makes us sound like “bw” (a good thing, indeed!) but we thought it was interesting stuff (and the pics are HOT) 🙂

Wrapping up a wonderful Christmas.

And a wonderful Christmas it was. Ben, Dub and I had a quiet Christmas Eve at home, opening some gifts and watching Christmas movies. Dub’s favorites are “Home Alone” and “How the Grinch stole Christmas” so we watched them both – although he fell asleep before we finished “the Grinch.”
On Sunday, the whole Northland gang got together over at Denise and Scotts’ condo. As you would expect, Denise has pretty much every square inch decorated for the Holidays and it’s beautiful. We were all complimenting them when she said, “There’s one problem. We have a tree in the den that we didn’t have time to decorate. I’m wondering if I could get the kids to decorate it?” So we went into the den and there was a 5′ tree with lights but no ornaments and four big boxes of decorations. She asked Austin if he would be in charge of the project. He said “Sure,” and flashed us about the biggest smile we’d ever seen. We left the kids in the den and went into the living room for drinks and snacks. In about a half hour, the kids came out and announced the tree was finished. We went into the den and saw the tree – decorated with most of the ornaments from all 4 boxes. We noticed some silver paper ornaments and Denise said “What are these? They’re lovely.” Travon said “They’re angels. They’ll watch over you.” He had apparently found some silver gift wrap in one of the boxes and fashioned it into origami-like angels. Denise swept him up in a big hug and thanked him, saying over and over how beautiful they were. He’s a beautiful spirit and an extraordinarily talented little guy!
The big surprise of the day wasn’t that Chad was there – but that he brought his “fishing bud, Raef” with him. Raef is a really nice guy about my age… with an amazing personality. Everyone thinks he’s great – and the kids are absolutely crazy about him. He’s a pretty big dude with dark red (almost black) hair, a good build and a terrific smile.
We don’t know if there’s anything more going on here than just being “fishing buds.” But, here’s a conversation I overheard:
Dub: “I like your new boyfriend.”
Chad: “He’s not my “boyfriend.”
Dub: He looks like he’s your boyfriend.”
Chad: “Well, Dub. He’s a boy and he’s my friend, but he’s not my “boyfriend.”
Dub: “What’s the difference?”
Chad: “It’s complicated.”
Dub (grinning): “I think he’s your “boyfriend.”
Chad: “Little dude. I think you think too much.”
I guess time will tell.
Anyway, we had a grand Christmas with tons of food and drink – and Holiday cheer with our extended family. We hope all of you had great Christmases, too!