Just suck my nuts, bitch!

We had a comment Sunday from “Chairman Beto” saying:
“Guys, nasty crazy hot pic #37 reminded me of a post request made by Anthony a while back (more precisely, in the undies post of October 8, 2015): “Hey David and Ben, you think you guys can do a teabag post? Guys licking and sniffing nuts. We can’t forget about our two fellas right?” (hope you don’t mind I’m quoting it). Jingle seconded the request and I found out that there is a teabag post from May 12, 2013 (lick tag). There bw commented asking for a similar post with big low hangers… So, I think a second teabag post sometime would be welcomed by everybody. ? Hugs, Beto.”
We actually started the post after Anthony’s request… had trouble finding the “right” pics… got bogged down… then, just let it slide. Sorry about that, Anthony!
As presented here, the pics are all about nut-sucking – which we think is one of the hottest of gay boy activities. Hope this does it for you, guys. It sure does it for us!