Hooray. Horray. It’s the month of May. Outdoor blowjobs are now underway!

Here’s another of our favorite outdoor activities. Hooray for May!

We closed on the purchase of the the dental office/school building yesterday. “Hawks Nest LLC” is now a registered corporation and owns the building. Alex has completed the sketches and plans… and already bought most of the furnishings. He found a full set of gently used commercial kitchen equipment and has it in storage. He says the kitchen will be so awesome that Martha Stewart or Lidia Bastianich would love to cook there.
Chad, Silas and I will need about a week after this school term ends to get everything moved to the new building, so work on “Hawks nest” should begin around the first of June. We’re all really excited about having our own place for group parties and various get-togethers. We’ll keep you posted.

…meanwhile… in the park…

I have wonderful memories of park cruising earlier in my life. Of course the best is meeting my future husband in a park. I swear, when we get this damned pandemic behind us, I’m gonna take Ben and find a park with some guys who wanta get off in the great out of doors 🙂

The “Dr. Oz” nightmare is over and we’re looking forward to Aaron Rogers and some fun on Jeopardy. We watched every episode with Dr. Oz because neither Ben nor I felt it was time to have a discussion about gay conversion therapy with Dub. We’re trying really hard to raise our son without subjecting him to our political views. He’s a bright little dude and we want him to make his own life decisions.
Interestingly, yesterday afternoon when Jeopardy ended, Dub said “I’m glad that was the last Jeopardy with that guy guest hosting. I didn’t like him much.”

Dude. What’s the story with these Cocksuckers?

Back on August 30th, our buddy “Bill S” commented, saying:
“I have just come up with an idea for a post!
“What’s the Story with these Cocksuckers?” Maybe you could just save to my birthday file, pics of guys sucking cock in unusual places or unexplainable circumstances, and so on. And then post all 48 on my birthday! Just a thought! (-: ”
David and I started collecting pics… and this afternoon I noticed there were 184 photos in the folder. It’s like this. Bill’s birthday isn’t until June 13th, and – for all we know – Trump may have blown up the World by then… and it’d be a shame if we hadn’t done this post. So, here you go, babe. It’s a bit early for your birthday, but what-the-Hell – it’s fun to look at these dudes sucking cocks whenever and wherever the mood strikes 🙂