The eyes have it!

As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing hotter than looking into the eyes of a dude who’s got your dick in his mouth. 🙂

The heat has been brutal down here lately – with daily highs of 99 to 104 degrees. It’s been too hot to even be out on the lake during the day, although Chad and Raef have been taking the kids out fishing some mornings at six o’clock. So… with the kids out of school and this ridiculous heat, it’s been “Hawks nest” to the rescue. Every day, we’re thankful to Chad for coming up with the idea of buying the building – and to Alex for his brilliant execution. The kids (and dogs) absolutely love “the nest” and have been spending every afternoon over there. We have a “2 adult minimum” rule for when the kids are at the “nest” and it hasn’t been a problem getting volunteers. We do inside stuff for a while – then run out to the water feature – then back inside. The pickle ball court is a big hit and there’s always 2 or 3 on the climbing wall. Daisy wants to spend all her time out with the fountains. She goes out and barks until the water starts then tries to catch the spray in her mouth. She’s a “hoot”!
Since we’ve been at “the nest” most afternoons, we’ve all been watching Jeopardy on the giant screen TV. It’s been cool having Ken Jennings back hosting. According to “” Mayim and Ken will continue the hosting split next season which I guess is o.k. although we would have preferred having Ken as the sole full-time host.
Guys, stay inside and stay cool until this heat breaks. 100 degree temps are dangerous! xoxo David and Ben

Ready. Set. Action!

On May 28th, we received two e-mails from Beto, titled “Action pics -1” and “Action pics -2” The pics are amazing. There’s a total of 47 pics… with the following breakdown: Rim – 7 pics; Suck – 21 pics; Frot – 2 pics; Fuck – 14 pics and Breed – 3 pics. We liked them so much we thought they’d make a great stand-alone post. We e-mailed Beto saying that since there were just 47 pics, we’d need one more for a post. We told him we’d add one or he could send us one. He replied:
“Hi, Ben. I actually didn’t imagine you’d use these pics as a set, but that’s really kewl. And I totally trust your good taste for the fourth and final breed pic. 😉 Hope the guys like them as much as you and David did. 😉 Thanks and hugs, Beto.”
So… the first 47 pics here are from Beto and we added the last one.
Thanks, Beto. We like to think UnrulyDude is all about variety and these pics add a really neat, fresh look to the blog. xoxo Ben and David

Dude. Look what’s cookin’ in the kitchen!

Since Denny and Dave’s kitchen remodel is nearing its end, we thought some pics of guys using their kitchens for the right purposes were in order. While we haven’t found any pics with “porcelain backsplashes” or “under cupboard lighting”, these photos should still act an an instruction manual. Guys, we love you and wish you happiness as you enjoy your new kitchen – even if we are a bit envious 🙂 xoxo Ben and David