“hang loose, my brothers”

We had a wonderful “Red Friday Rally” here at the house yesterday afternoon. The rally was Dub’s idea – and we told him we wanted to keep it to a reasonably small group. Good luck with that!
Fortunately, we have a large 3-car garage, and we’d moved our bikes down to the covered patio on the lower lever, so there was quite a lot of room… or at least enough room for a “small group.” Of course, the word had gotten around at school and all the guys in the Northland gang knew about it. You get the picture.
David and I had decided to set up our grille and make chili dogs for the occasion. We had no idea how many people would be coming, so we got 60 hot dogs and buns and David made a huge pot of chili. Denise and Scott brought an enormous tray of fresh veggies… and we had two big batches of hot-spiced cider (one for the kids and the other (generously spiked with vodka) for the adults.
Alex showed up in a Chiefs cheer-leader costume and introduced Bella and Kylie and two of their friends who were dressed in red Chiefs cheer-leading outfits. What fun! So, we had cheers – and music and food – and even though it was spitting rain outside we managed to stay fairly dry.
We’d been making chili dogs like crazy and I realized we were going to run out of food. About then Keon walked by and I said “Crap. We’re running out of hot dogs and buns.” Keon just smiled and said “Hang loose, my brothers, I’ll take care of it.” So, he and Travon headed to Target. They were back in about 15 minutes with armloads of buns and hot dogs. Keon laughed and said “News alert! Target is officially out of hot dog buns 🙂
Anyway, we don’t know how many were here for the festivities, but we counted the bun wrappers – and we went through 128 buns. We know there were more people than that (it was kind of a come-and-go deal) and some people were headed home for dinner and didn’t eat… but it was a CROWD!
At this point, we don’t know whether the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl… but we feel like we’ve done our part to cheer them on 🙂

Dude. Time for some boi butt backgrounds!

Yesterday our buddy “BillS” commented: “Pic #9 here really shows more of the background than the one in the Big…Boy-Bones post. That ceiling is amazing! (-; Does this mean there will be a “Background” post forthcoming? Just asking!”
The thing is… we’d been thinking about doing a “boi butts” post – then, when we saw Bill’s comment, we thought maybe we’d turn it into a “boi butts backgrounds” post. So, here you have it. Some pretty yummy dudes here 🙂

This afternoon after Dub and I got home from school, the FedEX truck pulled up out front and the guy brought Dub a “Priority Overnight” package. He opened it and found five red jerseys with the Chiefs logo on the fronts and “Mahomes” on the backs. He put on one of them… flashed an ear-to-ear smile… and said “We’ve gotta take these other ones to the guys.” So, of course, we did. One each for Austin, Bella, Chance and Travon. There wasn’t an address or note or anything to tell us who had sent them. I said “I’m guessing they’re from the grands.” Dub said, “Don’t think so.” So, I said “If not your grandparents, who do you think sent them?” He grinned… then opened his phone and made a call. Here’s what I heard:
“Unca Chad. It’s Dub. You coming over for Red Friday?
“Thank you for sending us Chiefs shirts.”
“Yeah. I’m pretty sure you did.”
“Thank you. Dad and I just took Austin and Tra and Chance and Izzy theirs. They think they’re really cool.”
“Yeah. They fit great. See you Friday afternoon. Love you.”
After he ended the call, I said “How did you know they were from your Unca Chad and Raef?”
He shrugged, and said. “Dunnow. Just knew.”
Of course he did 🙂

Dude. We’re headed to the Super Bowl and ain’t nothin’ but Super Smiles around here!

Jingle commented yesterday (in response to our “Gay Art” post) saying: “Forgive me if this sounds conceited, but I have long suspected that there’s at least one image in every post “planted” for my especial pleasure!! 😃 haha” He’s right, of course, and we’re betting he won’t have a problem picking out his special pic in this post!

Oh, what a wonderful day it was. The entire gang gathered at Keon and Rick’s house for the Chiefs-Titans playoff game, and, of course, “a good time was had by all”! There was a reasonable amount of nervousness when the Titans went up early, but Dub wore his new Chiefs cap and stayed confident throughout. We watched the game… then shot off a whole bunch of fireworks and the party continued well into the evening. Tra took hundreds (thousands?) of pics throughout the afternoon and evening and this morning (there’s no school today because of MLK day) we received a three minute photo collage he’d put together (with a bit of on-line help from PopPops) and it’s awesome. The pics of the activities and fireworks – and everyone smiling at games’ end are just amazing. It was definitely a day we’ll all always remember.