It’s a “Friends Friday” look at a bunch of “sweats selfies.”

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. Earlier this week, Ben did a “bulge selfies” post for our friend “bill s,” and it reminded me of this “sweats selfies” post I’d been working on. So, this is similar to Ben’s post, but this time it’s dudes in sweats. Whether you call them “bulges” or “vpl’s” or “pants rockets” or “crotch bulges” or just “junk,” they’re always fun to look at 🙂

Ben and Dub brought Travon home yesterday after school, and Ben gave me some math worksheets. He said although their school doesn’t do “homework” Travon has been struggling a bit in the math area and he thought maybe Keon and I could work with him at home. I thanked him and told him we would for sure. So, after dinner, Keon looked at the worksheets and he and Travon started going through them. At first, Travon just seemed confused, but after about an hour he started “getting it.” In fact, he did the last page all by himself and we were all grinning and Travon jumped up and gave Keon a great big hug. So, of course I grabbed my phone and took a pic of them to put in Travon’s scrapbook. After Travon went to bed, Keon and I started looking at the scrapbook. The last months have been a whirlwind and sometimes it just seems like it’s a dream or something. We began fostering him on January 8th; the first time we heard him speak was January 19th; We took him to Toys-R-Us on Jan. 27th to get “Muff”; the adoption was final on April 23rd; we got “Max” on June 22nd… and he started school with Ben and Dub on August 13th. The scrapbook is “chock full” now, so we’ll get another one this weekend. We’re just so proud of him… and we can’t wait to start filling up the next one! 🙂

Freeballin’ in Sweats

The (fairly short) trip home after Ben and I got pierced yesterday wasn’t much fun because our junk was bunched up in jeans. As soon as we got home, I went to the storage area and pulled out a box of Michael’s clothes I’d saved. Sure enough, 5 pair of his old football sweats… and it took Ben and me about 15 seconds to get out of our jeans and undies and into baggy old sweats. Damnit, Jingle and Scott, you guys should have reminded us to wear loose pants to the piercing 🙂