A “Let’s go for a swim” flashback!

We had a comment yesterday from our “Requester-in-Chief” BillS, saying:
“I request a post of swimmers. “Let’s Go For A Swim!”
Has Dub started swimming lessons? Just like the day I first rode a two-wheeler, learning to swim was an event in my youth that I’ll never forget. I think everybody needs to know how to swim and the sooner the better! Knowing you guys and Dub, he’s probably Olympics-bound in about twelve years! LOL”
So, I started looking through David’s old posts and couldn’t find any on the subject of “swimming” I asked David and, after he thought about it for a while, he said, “Try ‘Water babes’ on either my old URD blog – or on “Bad-Assed-Boys.” I did… and found a 32-picture post of “water babes” in his Bad-Assed-Boys file. I added 16 more pics from the web to come up with this post. Thanks for the idea, babe. We LOVE post requests, and you’re tha best!
As to your question about Dub. We live about a block from the neighborhood pool and go there just about every day when it’s warm enough. I’m not a great swimmer – but David is (he was on his colleges’ swim team) and he’s been teaching Dub (and me) how to swim correctly. So far, we’ve both pretty much mastered “freestyle” and have started on the “backstroke.” We probably need to spend more time practicing and less time playing in the pool – but maybe not:)