Yummy tan line, dude!

We had an e-mail from our buddy “Jingle” a couple of days ago, saying:
“Hey Buff!! In my naughty Internet wanderings, I stumbled across this pic. Check out how low this kid’s big thick dick hangs in relation to his tan-lines!! WOW!!
Ya know, as Summer gives way to Fall, could we have a “Tan-Lines” post, before it’s too late?!?!”
Actually, we think it’s never “too late” for a tan lines post, so we got to work right away collecting photos. The pic Jingle is talking about is #1 in this group… and yes, the kid has a great low-hanging dick. That smile doesn’t hurt either!
Babe, hope you’ll find some of these other 47 dudes worthy of a little “wandering.” 🙂

We weren’t surprised by the news that Trump has coronavirus. In fact, when they announced that Hope Hicks had tested positive for Covid and traveled on Air Force One with him, “Raef” said “I hope he grabbed her by the pussy and stuck is tongue in her mouth when they boarded.” Considering that he meets two of the “high risk” categories (74 years old) and he’s fat (body mass index is 30.3 which makes him medically obese) he’s definitely in the “high risk” group. His refusal to wear a mask (or encourage their use) is almost certainly the cause of thousands – or possibly hundreds of thousands – of Covid19 cases in the Country. It’s never good news when someone gets Coronavirus, but assholes who expose themselves and others to the disease by not wearing masks and following sound medical advice almost seem to deserve it.

Yeah, baby. It’s a Friday “tanlines” flashback!

Our buddy “Jingle” commented earlier today saying:
“p.s. Hot and handsome #15 gave me an idea for a post request… Given that we’re well into Summer, is it time for a tan-lines post?? ?”
Well… since it’s summer… and it’s the day after “National Nude Day”… why not a tan-lines post?
Why not, indeed!
Thanks for the request, babe. Love you!

Dude. It’s a Friday tan-lines flashback!

Yesterday, our buddy “BillS” commented about our “shades” post, saying: “I have a request — to continue the new season celebrations, I’d like to see a “TAN LINES” post. Thanks! XOXO.” After which, our excellent friend “Jingle” said, “Oh, yes, please! That would be soo awesome!! :)”
So, here you go, guys. Some fresh, sun-baked jems to get your taste buds working. These are mostly from David’s old “Bad-Assed Boys” blog that he did with Flip-Flops boy. Thanks for the suggestion!