Yo. Dude. Wife-beaters!

We had an e-mail request yesterday from our buddy “mud dog” saying:
“Its been a long while since you did a “wife beater” post. Love them ‘beaters!” So we checked – and, sure enough, it’s been over a year – so it’s definitely time. Here you go, babe. And, thanks for the request!

Dude. Let’s call it “Wife-beater Wednesday”!!

Had an e-mail yesterday from our buddy, “Muddog” and he said: “How about a “wife beater / muscle shirt” post? I always do a double take when i see a guy in a wife beater!”
Actually, I had another post ready for today, but I liked Muddog’s idea so much… I decided to switch gears and do “wifebeaters”. Thanks for the suggestion, bud!