Dude. It looks better when you poke a hole in it!

Jingle is always quick to notice a dude’s piercing(s) when he looks over our posts. So, Ben and I thought we should put together some pics of pierced guys. We were thinking they would go well with a pot of french roast on Sunday morning. One more thing… Jingle likes “bookends” so we’ve put 12 of them in this post. We’re hoping some of the rest of you guys will enjoy these boys who have holes poked in ’em 🙂

Dude. Check out this guy – he’s a popular choice!

Two of the pics Beto selected for Ray’s birthday post were of a stud with “XXXIII” tattooed on his chest (pics #15 and #18 there). We later included him in our “packaged meat selfies” post. Jingle commented, saying: “Does anyone have ANY idea who the dude with the “XXXIII A. D.” tattoo – #15 and #18 – is?!?! I would LOVE a mini post dedicated just to him!!…” In response to Jingle’s comment, Beto sent us a bunch more pics of the guy – and a link to his twitter. Anyway, his name is Ruggery Valdivia…XXXIII means “33”… he’s beautiful… and he must be one of the most photographed guys in history. Hope you guys enjoy his pics as much as we do. And THANK YOU, Beto for your help and your friendship. We love you!

While the kids were in Springfield last week, we had some extra time to work on URD. Also, we asked the guys if any of them would like to do a post. The result is today’s post plus four more. one from Ben, one from Rick, one from Silas and one from Chad. There’ll be 5 posts in the next 10 days and we’re thinking you’ll probably enjoy them! xoxo David

Check it out, dude. Butt-naked tattooed bois!

On Monday, Smurf commented: “Ask Jingle for help. Boys covered in tatts especially the naked parts. You haven’t done a tatt post recently.”
Thanks for a great suggestion, Smurf. David and I love our tattoos and always enjoy looking at other guys’ body art. Hope these tatted boys do it for you, babe!

Tomorrow will complete two weeks of our Spring school semester and it’s been wonderful. We have six new students (3 boys, 3 girls) – all TAG kids. They’re bright, inquisitive and seem amazed that school can be so much fun. Chad, Silas and I are having as much fun as the kids. We work together really well and find ourselves learning lots from each other – and the kids. Neither Silas nor any of our new students know Spanish, French or ASL, so Dub, Bella and the rest of the gang are having a ball teaching them. Silas has started teaching music and we’re all having fun with that. Dub says “Music is just another language we’re all learning.”
Dr. C is coming down next week to observe. He’ll be amazed, I’m sure. We have a new “whole building ventilation system” that (theoretically) helps minimize covid risk. In addition to that, we’re doing weekly covid tests, taking temperatures every morning and wearing KN-95 masks except for lunch time when we “socially distance.” We feel we have a very safe learning environment. Can’t wait to see what the coming weeks will bring! xoxo Ben