Check it out, dude. Butt-naked tattooed bois!

On Monday, Smurf commented: “Ask Jingle for help. Boys covered in tatts especially the naked parts. You haven’t done a tatt post recently.”
Thanks for a great suggestion, Smurf. David and I love our tattoos and always enjoy looking at other guys’ body art. Hope these tatted boys do it for you, babe!

Tomorrow will complete two weeks of our Spring school semester and it’s been wonderful. We have six new students (3 boys, 3 girls) – all TAG kids. They’re bright, inquisitive and seem amazed that school can be so much fun. Chad, Silas and I are having as much fun as the kids. We work together really well and find ourselves learning lots from each other – and the kids. Neither Silas nor any of our new students know Spanish, French or ASL, so Dub, Bella and the rest of the gang are having a ball teaching them. Silas has started teaching music and we’re all having fun with that. Dub says “Music is just another language we’re all learning.”
Dr. C is coming down next week to observe. He’ll be amazed, I’m sure. We have a new “whole building ventilation system” that (theoretically) helps minimize covid risk. In addition to that, we’re doing weekly covid tests, taking temperatures every morning and wearing KN-95 masks except for lunch time when we “socially distance.” We feel we have a very safe learning environment. Can’t wait to see what the coming weeks will bring! xoxo Ben

Dude. Check out these butt naked shaved bois!

Well. Of course you knew this was coming. Jingle even mentioned it a while back. YUP. Some really, really HOT dudes shave their junk… and, if I want to be totally honest, it turns me on. Of course, I’m so damn hairy, if I shaved off my pubes I’d have 5 o’clock shadow down there about 30 minutes later. And, of course David would totally stroke out. Anyway, I honestly really like these hairless dudes and hope at least a few of you will like them too. Ben

Dante and Silas invited David, Dub and me over to their condo for dinner yesterday evening. It was wonderful. Dante made pan-seared filet mignon and Silas made a very tasty mixed vegetable souffle that absolutely blew Dub away. They served it all on china plates with crystal goblets and a linen tablecloth and napkins. There were candles and soft jazz and we enjoyed it immensely. After dinner, we were talking and Silas asked us if we’d consider doing them a favor. He said they wanted to get married “sometime around Valentines Day” and asked David if he’d perform the ceremony. He said “Of course I’d be happy to do that for you.” Then Dante asked Dub if he’d be in charge of planning the wedding and Dub said “I can do that. We’ll need red neckties and suspenders and bird seed and we’ll get Tra and Pop-pops to take pictures.
So we called Denise and she’s reserved the Koala Cove clubhouse for the ceremony on Saturday, February 12th. Our extended family just keeps growing and growing 🙂

Note to Beto

Hey, Beto. I’ve made a bit of progress on finding the dude who inspired your “fur & ink” post request. He’s obviously a guy I posted on Unrulyboi – before Blogger deleted it, and I no longer have access to those pics. I did, however find three more pics of him in one of my “Best of” folders. Interestingly, two of the photos are titled “tilghman_parker,” I’ve done a little Google searching for both “Tilghman Parker” and “Parker Tilghman” but so far that’s been a dead end. Since you’re a bit of a gay porn investigator, maybe you can find more of his pics. It would appear that there are at least two photosets… one with him wearing boots and a dark grey background… and one with him in athletic socks with a white background.
I was going to send this to you in an e-mail, but I thought, “Hey, maybe some of the other guys know something about him.” Anyway, enjoy the pics! xoxo David