Check it out, dude. “Fur and Ink”!

On December 19, 2018, we did a post (requested by bw) of “Yummy young hairy dudes.” Beto commented on it, saying he’d like a “fur & ink” post. We started a folder of pics but somehow got side-tracked and didn’t remember it until Beto commented on our “Do you wanna dance” post. He said (in part) “I was quick to find furry inked bottoms #7 and #11! You know, David, they’d fit perfectly in the fur & ink post suggestion I made a while ago.”
So, we e-mailed him and asked him for the date of his request and finally got this put together. It’s taken us about 26 months, but here’s the “fur & ink” post you requested, babe. Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as we enjoyed putting it together 🙂

Dude. Nice tatts!

Last night was a “sleepover movie night” for Austin, Dub and Travon in Ty and Damien’s home theater, so Rick, Keon, Chad, Raef, David and I went to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant down on Southwest Trafficway. After that, we came back to the house, mixed some margaritas… grabbed a pipe and headed to the hot tub. When we got out on the deck and started taking off our clothes, Chad and Raef just stood there grinning. After the rest of us were naked and in the hot tub, Chad said, “We’ve got something to show you.” They took off their shirts, turned around and on their backs we saw they both had full-back eagle tattoos. They’re identical except Chad’s is outlined and accented in red – and Raef’s in blue. It’s some of the most beautiful skin art we’ve seen. Chad said the artist who did them was the same guy who did David’s and my tatts. Raef said Chad’s took 30 1/2 hours to complete and his took 32 hours. They’ve been finished for more than a month, so they both got naked and hopped in the tub with us. We spent the rest of the evening in the hot tub…talking and drinking and smoking… and doing what naked guys do in hot tubs.
We don’t know what – if anything – identical back tattoos on two “straight” dudes mean. Guess it could be they’re just friends and wanted back tattoos?

We have some kind of “housekeeping” things we want to mention. There are several of them, so here goes…
-First, we’ve been missing our friend “ray” who hasn’t commented this past week. That’s unusual – and we’re hoping all is well with him. We love you, babe!
-“Beto” commented on Thursday, saying (in part) “I could say you were thinking of me when you selected that entire 10th row (#37-41)! 😀 Nah, I’m not so conceited, but for real I’m impressed that you aligned four guys that drive me totally crazy!” Actually, we WERE thinking of you, Beto. We consider our CCC guys and try to include something for each of you in every post we put together 🙂
-“bw” commented yesterday, saying (in part) “I think I am the only nerd here who follows financial news.” He went on to talk about an article in the Wall Street Journal, saying: “Verizon is shopping Tumblr trying to find somebody to take it off their hands so they don’t have to pay the cost of shutting it down – and the parent company of Pornhub has expressed interest.” We just want everyone to know “bw” isn’t the “only nerd who follows financial news.” David and Keon read the WSJ every day like it’s Holy scripture – so, Bill you’re in good “nerdy” company! Obviously we’d be delighted if Pornhub bought Tumblr and returned it to what it once was.
-The title company is working on the Lake property and should be finished sometime next week. We’re guessing that since it’s a “cash deal” the sale of the cabin and acreage will close sometime around the 15th of May. Jim has surveyors scheduled to go out next week and do the survey. (NICE to have friends who know how to get things done!!) Keon and Rick are in the “pre-approval” process on their loan – so things are moving along nicely.
-David was talking with Denise last week and asked if she and Scott had given any thought to building a cabin on the five acres they’ll end up owning. She said “Oh, goodness, NO. That property is a special hideaway for you boys. We want Cal and Alex to enjoy their ‘lake getaway’ without having us old folks ‘hanging about’. We’re guessing you guys will eventually find ‘the right someone’ to buy those five acres.” We ask you… How COOL are Denise and Scott?!!!
So, anyway, as Garrison Keillor might say, “That’s the latest news from Lake Wobegone. Where “all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.” 🙂
xoxo Ben and David

My mate’s tatts – and we hope you’ve had a happy holiday, guys!

]We’ve had a nice (very busy) Holiday and hope you guys have, too. We had a neighborhood cookout this evening with a big crowd, including Ms.Pam, her hubby, Erik, Ty, Damien, Austin and our friends . Ben, Keon and Rick spent most of afternoon at the neighborhood pool with the boys while I did a bunch of cooking.
We spent yesterday at Smithville lake fishing (with Rick’s brother, Chad) and having a picnic. We drank lots of beer, caught a bunch of crappie and all got a bit sunburned in spite of lots of sunscreen. We hope everyone remembers the reason for the Holiday and is thankful for our service men and women – those living, and those who have given their lives to keep our Country free.
Saturday evening, Ty and Damien took the boys to the “Main Event” for dinner and the evening. It’s a new place over by Barry Road that has video games, bowling, laser tag, gravity ropes and other fun activities. Dub was spending the night with Austin, so we invited Keon, Rick, Alex and his new friend, Callum over for dinner and the evening. We hadn’t met Callum yet, but he had come over to work in the garden with Alex and Dub on Friday. Dub told us about him, and said, “He’s funny and I really like him, but he talks different.” Keon and Rick came over Saturday afternoon and we watched a (recorded) soccer matche on t.v. When Alex and Callum got here, we were relaxing, drinking beer and smoking Keon’s magic pipe. After introductions, they grabbed beers and toked up with us as we got acquainted. Alex said he met Callum in the laundry room at their condo. Said they talked a lot and ended up spending the evening together. Callum is from Australia. Actually, he was born in the U.S. and he and his folks moved to Australia when he was a year old. He lived there until three years ago when he decided to come to the U.S. to get his graduate degree. He’s an electrical engineer and works in downtown K.C. After dinner (including one of Keon’s salads with “special greens”) we drank some more and headed to the hot tub. On the downstairs patio, we all started taking our clothes off and Callum looked kind of shocked… but then quickly got naked with the rest of us. We noticed that (unlike Alex) Collum’s dick is circumcised, and has a very pretty rose tattooed on it. We also noticed the beautiful full-eagle tattoo on his back. He commented on Ben’s and my dragon tattoos and we complimented him on his body art. Then, we all got in the hot tub… drank some more… passed Keon’s pipe around several times and just talked and chilled. It wasn’t a sexual evening – that is, if you don’t think six guys getting naked and buzzed in a hot tub together is, in itself sexual.
It’s obvious Callum is an exceptionally nice dude who thinks Dub is “awesome,” and is totally “taken” with Alex. It’s also clear that the feeling is mutual. I’m pretty sure Callum is destined to become a member of our extended family 🙂