Dude. I wanna be your teddy bear!

Hey, guys. It’s Keon. I thought I’d bring you up-to-date on some of the “happenings” here at the lake.
Cinco de Mayo was a huge success. We drank and feasted and spent time in bright, beautifully decorated homes… and went from cabin-to-cabin listening to mariachi music, speaking Spanish and dancing (sort of) like we were all Latinos. Alex (Alexandro) and Matty (Mateo) showed us how Hispanics party and we all joined in and shared their joy. Travon (as you might guess) captured every moment and emotion in photos and videos we’ll enjoy for years. It was an amazing day!
Today’s post is about “teddy bears” or “stuffed animals” and was inspired by Travon’s attachment to “Muff” (the stuffed dog we got him at Toys R Us shortly after we started fostering him). Rick and I were getting a bit concerned that even though he has a “real dog” (Max) who sleeps with him, he’s very attached to “Muff and still carries him around the house.” So, a couple of weeks ago, we called his “child therapist” to ask if we should be concerned. She just laughed and said: “Seriously? We’re talking about a kid you fostered and adopted who wouldn’t even speak when you first met him. I believe you even told me he spit in your face. Now, he’s a healthy, happy young man who loves his family, friends and photography. And you’re worried about his attachment to a stuffed animal? Relax. He’s a great kid who’ll outgrow his stuffed puppy thing – like other kids outgrow their “blankies.” We felt better – but maybe a little silly 🙂
Anyway, here are some pics of dudes who apparently haven’t outgrown their love for their “teddy bears.” We’re glad they haven’t! xox Keon and Rick