Ain’t nothin’ hotter than a dude in a white tee!

We’re excited about the Thanksgiving school break and are looking forward to spending the Holiday at the lake with friends and family. Ben and Dub have Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat and Sunday off, so we’re headed to Table Rock first thing Wednesday morning. This year, Denise (and Alex) are in charge of Holiday plans and, personally, after several years of doing Thanksgiving here at home, I’m delighted. Ben and I are in charge of turkeys and dressing… and making a (surprise, Martha Stewart recipe) asparagus casserole. Denise has parceled out the other food assignments to members of the Northland gang. We’ll be doing the actual Thanksgiving dinner at Cal and Alexs’ cabin, so Denise, Scott and the guys will be going down there on Tuesday to get everything ready.
While we’re celebrating and giving thanks, we’ll all be including Tim and his family in our thoughts and prayers. We hope you guys will all join us in this.
I think Keon and Rick will be doing a special Thanksgiving post and we wish you a safe, joyous Thanksgiving! xoxo David (and Ben)


We had a comment from our friend, Anthony last Thursday, saying:
“Hey B and D you think you can put together a post of guys wearing “nerdy/geeky” graphic t-shirts? A dude wearing a TV show shirt, video game shirt, movie shirt, etc. Undies or no undies, soft or hard, surprise us ?”
As you guys know, we love getting requests for new and interesting post themes… and this one proved to be quite a challenge. Here’s our best shot at it, babe. Not sure if we managed to find exactly what you had in mind… but here are some hot dudes making interesting apparel statements 🙂