Testosterone, baby. Lots and lots of testosterone!

Check it out, dude. It’s a Friday testosterone flashback!

Testosterone !

What a wonderful, busy, crazy day it’s been here in K.C. It’s all about the Royals and we couldn’t be happier. Anyway, there’s a parade tomorrow – and Ben, Keon and I are taking Dub and his new friend “Erik.” They’re saying there will be somewhere between 200,000 and 500,000 people at the parade. Dub and Erik won’t know the difference between Eric Hosmer and the Easter bunny… but we’re guessing they’ll love the crowd and the excitement. We know we’ll love sharing it with them.

We were reading on-line yesterday and found out there’s this thing called “No-Shave November.”
Here’s what the organizers say about it: “The goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free. Donate the money you typically spend on shaving and grooming to educate about cancer prevention, save lives, and aid those fighting the battle.”
So… that seems like a worthy cause to us… and we don’t particularly like shaving anyway… so – for the month of November – we ain’t gonna. I’m kind of hairy myself… and Ben is all HAIR… so before the month is over, jumping in bed together will be a lot like a roll in a super-hairy rug. Except this roll will smell lots better!