Hey, guys… Ben gave you a pretty detailed description of our wedding – and up-to-now, I’ve been quiet on the subject.
First, we want to Thank You for all your wonderful comments and e-mails – notes of congratulations, etc. We really are a nice little community of gay guys and we love posting stuff for you – and your comments and suggestions. THANK YOU!!!
As to Ben and me – and our relationship and marriage – it’s been a year of pure wonder for me – thanks in no small part to our buddy, Jingle – whose mention of going to the part was responsible for Ben and me meeting. The day I met him over in the part was fun – but truthfully, I doubted if I’d see him again. Then, after a while, he moved in – and I doubted if it was a long-term deal.
I don’t know when it happened, but, at some point, Ben and I just knew we were a couple – and getting married “someday” was pretty much a given. I think maybe it had something to do with the matching tattoos and piercings – and working out together five days a week – and the puppies – and the Harleys – and our mutual willingness to try new things with other guys.
At some point, we just became “Ben and David,” and it’s been amazing. I was surprised when Ben wanted to get married on the one-year anniversary of our meeting. I’d thought a more elaborate ceremony in Maui or somewhere romantic was what we’d end up doing – but doing it when we did was very special – and I love being married to my best friend.
THANK YOU again, for your wonderful comments and notes of congratulations – and the stories some of you have told us about your own relationships and marriages. We love you guys and look forward to being friends for a long, long time.
David (and Ben)


I just checked Google Analytics and noticed that UnrulyDude has now passed a million page views. Actually 1,005,787 between March 16th and September 6th. You guys have been wonderful in supporting the blog – especially after all the hassle with Blogger.
You’re the reason I post these pics – and I really, really Thank You for your patience – and for your comments, post suggestions and support.

Thanks, guys!!

Wow. Enough post requests to keep me busy for a L O N G time. Thank you. I’ll get to work on your suggestions.. and post ’em as soon as I can. Since there are so many, it’ll take a while… but I’ve made a list… and I promise, I’ll work on all of them. Thank you. You’re tha best!!