Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey, guys. We’re gonna take today and tomorrow off from photo posting. We have a big crowd coming for Thanksgiving and there’s much to do. (Just because we’re not posting – doesn’t mean you guys can’t carry on the conversation).
Keon and Rick will be here, of course. In fact, they’re here right now helping with the cleaning and decorating and keeping Dub and the pups occupied. We were a bit surprised (pleasantly so) to learn that both sets of grandparents are coming. We’d invited them but didn’t really expect them. Ben’s Mom and sister will be here… along with Ethan and Kevin, Craig, Calleb and Kerry and possibly a few more.
We’ll be thinking about our URD family – and, especially our friend “Denny” whose recent loss will make the holidays difficult, we’re certain. Denny, just try to focus on the wonderful times you had with your daughter and we’ll all think about you and say a prayer.

Not to worry. We’ll be back with a Friday Flashback… and, of course, Unrulyboi Saturday.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Let’s do remember to “give thanks” for all our blessings.
God bless,
David, Ben and Dub

Let’s give thanks!

Let’s make it more than just something you say. Let’s give thanks. And mean it. We’re giving thanks for David and Ben… and our life together. And, we’re giving thanks for good health… and happiness… and our puppies… and friends… and courts that recognize gay marriage… and the inevitability of legalized pot. And for our wonderful on-line friends who visit our little blog… and sometimes comment… and share our lives and fantasies. We wish you every happiness during the Holiday season… and forever after that.
We love you guys.
David and Ben