“A penny for your thoughts”

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. I realize this is an unusual “Friends Friday” post, but there’s some stuff I want to tell you.
Since we started “fostering” Travon, he’s made good progress and usually seems happy. On the other hand, sometimes he gets “withdrawn” and doesn’t want to talk to us – and just sits in his room and broods. When I got home yesterday after work, he was in his room and I went to check on him. I found him sitting on the floor by his bed holding “Muff” and just staring at the wall. I asked him if he was o.k. and he nodded. I watched him for a couple of minutes and said “A penny for your thoughts.” He said “What’s that mean?” I said, “It’s just something people say when someone special is doing a lot of thinking and not talking.” He didn’t say anything. I said, “Travon, you know we love you and you can tell us anything.” He still didn’t say anything. So, after a few minutes, I went and got Keon and we went back into his room and sat down, cross-legged on the floor next to him. He just sat there holding “Muff” and we saw a tear run down his cheek. Then Keon said, “Look, little dude. We love you. And we can help with anything, but you gotta tell us what’s goin’ on.”
After another couple of minutes, Travon said, “What happens when I half to leave here?” And Keon looked at me – then at Travon – and said, “Travon, we’re your Dads and you don’t ever “half to leave here. We’re your forever home, if that’s o.k. with you.”
After a minute or two, Travon looked at us and said, “You mean it?” And Keon said “Absolutely.”
We had a big, four-way hug (if you include Muff), and Keon said, “Come on. You guys can help me make dinner.”
After dinner, and Travon’s bath, and reading some of “One fish. Two fish. Red fish. Blue fish,” we put Travon and Muff to bed and Keon and I mixed a couple of margaritas, and talked.
I said, “I’m glad Travon is feeling better now… and I know he’s feeling more secure, but we can’t really promise him we’re his “forever home. We’re just his foster parents.” Keon looked straight at me and said “Yes we can. As long as you and I are alive, no one is ever taking that little dude away from us. Agreed?”
I swallowed hard, gave him a hug and a big, sloppy kiss and said “Yup.”
So I guess that’s the name of that tune. Somehow, we’ll make sure that’s what happens 🙂