Happy birthday, dear Tim… happy birthday to you!

Tim, it’s your birthday… and we’re wishing you love, good health and every happiness life can bring. When we were thinking about what to post for your special day, we were thinking about your wonderful Tumblr and it’s amazing artistic content. We visit every day and think it’s one of the best Tumblrs on-line. So, with that in mind, we thought some artsy mirror dudes might make a nice little birthday bundle for you. Happy birthday, babe. We love you always!

Wow. This is tough. Three birthdays in one day. Bella, Tim and Beto. What to do… what to do. Ben and I talked about it and here’s the deal. We’ll be celebrating Bella’s birthday this coming weekend at the lake – and that leaves Tim and Beto. So we (literally) flipped a coin and it came up “heads”… so Tim is our first post today. Not to worry, Beto, your post will be up in a few minutes. LOVE YOU GUYS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Tim. Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday, Tim. You’re a dear friend, a fellow Missourian, a fellow blogger, and we love you. We love your fun, insightful comments and we love visiting your “tmanmo” Tumblr. To celebrate your special day, we thought some dudes “spreading the love” might make a nice little gift. Thank you for being such an important part of UnrulyDude. We wish you love, good health and every happiness on your birthday and throughout the coming year!

We couldn’t let August 28th go by without wishing our sweet Miss Izzie a happy birthday. Wow. Talk about a little lady whose life has been turned upside-down and shaken… and has come out a for-sure winner. She has two wonderful new dads, a new home (a continent away in more ways than one), her own room, new friends, a sweet little puppy and new, loving grandparents nearby. We’re looking forward to your birthday party, sweetie… and to spending your wonderful new life with you.

A belated “Happy Birthday” to our buddy, Tim!

When we did Beto’s birthday post on August 28th, we didn’t know it was also Tim’s birthday. We’d love to do a birthday post for all of our URD family members if you’ll let us know when your BD is.
Anyway, we know Tim has truly eclectic tastes when it comes to men. As he said in a recent comment:
“I like hairy men.
I like manscaped men.
I like shaved men.
They’re all hot to me, WOOF!”
Ben and I agree with Tim on this…so, we opened our “Whoa” folders and picked out a variety of dudes for Tim’s (belated) birthday post. Hope these make you go “WOFF,” babe!