Dude. That’s a nice raphe. Bet you like havin’ it licked. Bet our birthday boy would be happy to help you with that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIM!

Happy birthday to our good friend (and fellow Missourian) Tim! Babe… thank you for being part of URD and for your comments and friendship. We wish you good health, good times with friends and family and every happiness on your birthday and throughout the coming years. We love you!

Tim’s birthday is on August 28th – as is Beto’s. Two birthdays on the same day present a bit of a posting problem for us because we want everyone to have a chance to extend birthday wishes. So… we’re doing Tim’s post a day early and Beto’s tomorrow. To be absolutely fair, next year we’ll reverse the order. Happy birthday, guys!

Happy birthday, dear Tim… happy birthday to you!

Tim, it’s your birthday… and we’re wishing you love, good health and every happiness life can bring. When we were thinking about what to post for your special day, we were thinking about your wonderful Tumblr and it’s amazing artistic content. We visit every day and think it’s one of the best Tumblrs on-line. So, with that in mind, we thought some artsy mirror dudes might make a nice little birthday bundle for you. Happy birthday, babe. We love you always!

Wow. This is tough. Three birthdays in one day. Bella, Tim and Beto. What to do… what to do. Ben and I talked about it and here’s the deal. We’ll be celebrating Bella’s birthday this coming weekend at the lake – and that leaves Tim and Beto. So we (literally) flipped a coin and it came up “heads”… so Tim is our first post today. Not to worry, Beto, your post will be up in a few minutes. LOVE YOU GUYS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

A hot story, butts in jeans and a beautiful ass!

Ben and I were talking about the blog last night. UnrulyDude is an interesting thing. Just like millions of other sites, we post gay porn pics. Honestly that’s not much of a reason to visit the blog. The thing that sets us apart (and, we assume the reason we average a couple thousand visitors per day) is the community we share with our on-line friends. In other words, without you guys, the blog wouldn’t be worth either doing – or visiting. What brought about the subject was our friend “Tim’s” wonderful, amazingly erotic story he shared with us last Friday. In case you missed it, here it is:
“We went out to eat with some friends recently, a young couple, in their early 20’s.
We arrived in separate cars, parked next to one another.
After they got out, the husband had to get something straightened up in their back seat that had tipped over on the way to the restaurant.
He was wearing snug fitting blue jeans, which showed off his ass perfectly. He opened the back door, leaned in with his legs spread apart just enough to display the entire rear seam of his jeans…down his crack, across his hole, and over his full taint.
He’s just totally sexy, from head to toe, a country boy type. Slender, fit, and good looking.
Whatever heavy thing it was, he had to physically strain himself to sit the object back upright.
From that lifting, it caused his ass to flex, making his crack pull the rear seam inward.
You could tell EXACTLY where his arsehole was located when it puckered up as he lifted.
I’m still left with that very brief moment in time visual burned into my memory.
I wanted to go over, and yank off his jeans right then and there. Damn!
Dinner was enjoyable, and we discussed dessert trying to decide what to get. I looked him in the eye, and told him I thought nice piece of cake sounded delicious. He just smiled at me, not having a clue what piece of cake I was actually thinking about, lol.
I’m going to email you a picture of myself belly flopped on my bed. Today’s post has made me really horny, so much so I wanna show off my own buns to somone, lol. If you wish, you can include it in an unrulydude post of some sort sometime.” (It’s pics #49 here).
Indeed we do want to include it, Tim! Because it’s HOT – and because you – and our other on-line friends – make URD what it is. THANK YOU for sharing your story, your pic and your friendship. WE LOVE YOU!