Hey, bitch. Slip me some tongue.

We had something happen tonight that has us thinking. We’d had dinner and Dub’s bath – and read to him and he was in bed… so Ben and I thought we’d watch a movie. We looked through our videos and decided on “The Bird Cage.” We were snuggled in front of the fireplace… just beginning to watch it when Dub came and curled between us on the couch. I said, “I thought you were in bed, bud.” He just sat there snuggling and said, “Watch with you?” So, he did for a while… before he ended up asleep between us. Eventually, Ben carried him to his bed and we watched the rest of the movie. We talked about it a bit afterwards. Ben said, “Maybe we shouldn’t have let him watch it.” I said, “I don’t know. I doubt if seeing Nathan Lane and Robin Williams in a movie set in South Beach will scar him, or anything. It isn’t exactly hard core porn.” Ben said, “Still…”
So, I don’t think it’s a problem, and I suspect about the worst thing that will happen is Dub may go around singing “We are fam-i-ly,” but it’s something we’ll be thinking about.

Dude. Slip me some tongue!

If I ever had doubts about the wonders of the human tongue, they were totally eliminated when I met my husband. I’m pretty sure no dude in history ever knew how to use his tongue as well as my Ben!

Lick my hole, bitch!

We had a request last Friday from our buddy, “Anthony” who said he’d like a post of “guys kissing or eating butt.”
Since it’s so close to Christmas, and we’re all really busy right now, I thought this “lick my hole” post that we already had put together might be close enough to what Anthony had in mind. Hope this works for you, babe. All I can say is “S L U R P P P” ! !