Here you go, dude. Flesh Jackers!

Way back on December 17, 2015, we did a “flesh jackers post” and said (in part):
This is the first “fleshjack” post ever on URD – and, probably the last. David and I talked about it… and fleshjacks are something we just don’t understand.”
We still don’t. However… having said that, there are a whole bunch of amazingly hot dudes on the internet with their dicks stuck in these silly little plastic things. Of course, what’s fun… is imagining what’s deep in these flesh-jacks… and knowing how happy they’d be if their dicks were in our mouths instead 🙂

Look, dude. Boys and their Toys!

We had a comment this morning from “huck” saying (in part): “hey how bout a “boys with toys” post? Dildos, buttplugs, fuck machines, etc? My fave position when I’m fuckin myself is standing up, legs spread, knees bent, on my tiptoes, bending forward slightly and back arched, ass up in the air, imagining a roomful of guys watching and listening to me moan.. would love to see some guys enjoying their favorite toys as much as I do!”
Well, huck, with a HOT comment like this, we just “hopped on this” immediately and here you go. Quite a variety of butt toys here. Hope you have as much fun looking at these as we did putting the post together. Thanks for a great suggestion!