Happy Valentines Day, bitch!

We thought about doing a post of lovers for Valentines day. You know… loving couples, sweetness, hearts and flowers. Then I said, “Nah. Let’s post some trashy dudes we’d really like to spend Valentines day with. It’s not that we have anything against loving couples or hearts and flowers… it’s just that sometimes there’s nothin’ like a bunch of trash to get the juices flowing 🙂

We’ve had a couple of pretty nice days here in the Northland and virtually all our ice and snow are gone now – just in time for two incoming storms tomorrow and Saturday that are supposed to bring real cold weather and 5 or 6 inches of new snow. Ben and I think it SUCKS, but Dub and the other kids thing it’s GREAT! They’re excited about “snow tubbing.” That’s when you get in the hot tub while it’s snowing… and try to catch snowflakes on your tongue. The kids love it and so far… not a single “cold” or case of the “flu” this winter.
Ah, well. It’ll be Spring someday!

Trash pick-up is a day late this week, bitch. You think you can get tha fuck over it?