Check it out, dude. TREASURES !

Yesterday, “bw” commented, saying:
“I think you are on to something – a treasure trail post – some thin and light colored, others dark and lush, others covering the belly. What do you think?”
What do we think? We think it’s a GREAT idea! Babe, we just hope you enjoy these pics as much as we enjoyed putting this together!
P.S. Denny. We’ve made note of your ideas for the post, and will do a separate one for you after we get back from the Lake (and rest up a bit) 🙂


We had a comment from our friend, “Beto”, saying:
“Boys, I’ve noticed that there’s been just one treasure trail post in three years, probably because that theme falls under the hairy category… So, I’d like to suggest a treasure trail post in the following format: short trail/long trail/wide trail. The “short trail” group would consist of guys having a (thin or thick) line of hair from the pubes to the navel (hopefully there would be some boy for Larry in this group); the “long trail” group would include those with a straight line of hair from the pubes up to the chest; and the “wide trail” group would feature those with long trails spreading to the sides, i.e., guys with fuzzy/hairy stomachs.”
We love the idea – and the challenge – so here’s our best shot at it, babe. There are some real “treasures” here. Thank you for another great idea!

Look, dude. Treasures!!