Dub’s grandparents delivered him home a little after noon on Saturday. It had been a change of plans… and David and I had gotten home only about an hour before they arrived (more on that later).
When they got here, Dub busted out of the car and came running to the house at full speed. We opened the front door and the dogs were barking and Dub was jabbering and we were all laughing and hugging like it’d been a YEAR since we’d been together. His g-ma and g-pa came in and it was just nuts. Dub was down on the floor playing with the dogs and jumping on David and me and hugging our necks and holding on and getting back on the floor with the dogs… and, for about 15 or 20 minutes, it was total mayhem.
Things finally settled down and Dub ran back out to the car and brought in his new “Leafs book” and tried to tell us about it all at once and we were trying to figure out what it was all about.
The deal is – his g-pa Mick is quite an expert on trees and he and Dub had spent a lot of time gathering leaves and identifying them and drying them and putting them in an album. Each leaf is in a separate vinyl page and they’re labeled by name, where they were found and the date they were collected. Dub can identify all 23 leaves in the book… native oak, live oak, walnut, pecan, hickory, elm, sycamore, ash and so forth. He wants to “teach us how to dry leafs” so we can collect more for his book. There’s an instruction booklet about drying leaves in the microwave that we’ll have to study up on. Of course, Dub can’t wait to show the book to his Unca Rick – and we know Rick will be as excited about it as Dub is.
Anyway, when things got relatively calm, we fixed lunch and drank some wine with g-ma Annie and g-pa Mick and had a nice visit before they headed back to Springfield. Angie’s mom didn’t make the trip with them – but Dub had spent time with her while in Springfield and apparently she’s doing well.
Dub is fortunate to have such loving and thoughtful grandparents – and they’re lucky to have such an amazing little dude in their lives.
Tomorrow, we’ll get into some of the sordid details of last weeks’ “David and Ben time.”

Only God can make a tree.

“Climb a tree – it gets you closer to heaven.”