Tried and found wanting.

Ben was looking at pics on the web yesterday and found one of a sort of mysterious dude with a nose ring and big dick. He said he was intrigued and looked some more and found a tumblr blog titled “Tried and found wanting.” Here’s the link:
There are hundreds of pics of this dude on the blog and we think he’s amazing. This post is just a small part of his on-line library.
Being intrigued by the blog title, I did some reading on-line and found that “Tried and found wanting” is a variation of a Christian religious scripture,
Book of Daniel, Chapter 5, Verse 27 which (in the King James version of the Bible) says:
“TEKEL; you are weighed in the balances, and are found wanting.”
We know you guys aren’t expecting religious information when you check out UnrulyDude – so just ignore this holy crap and enjoy this necked bitch. Ben and I would like to spend some serious time with him!!