Dude. It’s a “Friends Friday” Triptych!

There hasn’t been a “triptych” post here on URD since March, 2017, so Keon and I thought it was probably time for another. This one is quite different in that all these pics are of professional site models. We just took the “naked and not” theme and added butt pics. We included a wide variety of dudes so there’ll be something for everyone. It was fun putting this together and we hope you guys will enjoy it.

This has been an interesting weekend for the kids (and us). David and Ben took off on their Harleys Thursday afternoon – headed for the Lake and a little “one on one time” to celebrate their anniversary. They’re the most happily married people we know… and are an inspiration to us all.
Dub, Buzz and Bebe spent Thursday night at our house – then Dub, Tra, Chance and Austin all spent Friday night at Alex and Cal’s (the pups are still staying with us). Now, the boys – plus Bella – are at Ty and Damien’s place for a “movie night sleepover” in their media room.
I’m sure Ben and David will tell you all about their anniversary weekend when they get back home.
We love them and hope they’re having a WONDERFUL weekend!
xoxo Rick and Keon

Dude. Time for some more triptychs!

After our last triptych post, our buddy, Jingle commented, saying:
“Ya know, another idea for a Triptych post would be a dude going from Fully Clothed to Half Undressed to Completely Naked!! 🙂
Just sayin’… 😉”
I thought about it – and Ben and I talked and we thought it might be a tough post to put together. Then, we mentioned it to Alex and he said, “I’ll help.”
So, we all started looking and came up with lots of possibilities for triptychs. We each found some of these, and I “stitched” them together.
We think they’re FUN. Hope you guys like ’em!

Dude. Time for some triptychs!

To be perfectly honest, I’d never thought about doing a “triptych” post until Jingle liked the one on yesterday’s post – and Denny suggested it. So, I went hunting through my files (three ways) and found a few… and looked for some pics that might work and stitched ’em together. Don’t know how well I’ve succeeded, but it’s been fun “having a go” at it. It was an interesting thing to do while watching the announcement of the NCAA tournament brackets. I’m anxious to see what Ben, Keon, Rick, Alex and Spence think of these – in addition to all our URD friends! Oh, and speaking of Spence, we asked Alex if he had told him about the blogs. He just said, “Of course.” 🙂 Thanks for the idea, guys.