And, by special request, “some dudes in turquoise.”

Yesterday, I received a text from our friend “Alex” that said:
“You guys mentioned in your ‘orange’ post that I like orange, yellow and turquoise, and that’s definitely true. I’m not sure why, but bright colors just make me happy. Since you’ve already done orange and yellow posts, how about some dudes in turquoise?”
So… the eleventh in our series of “colors” posts is turquoise. Thanks for the suggestion, Alex. You’re right – bright colors make us happy, too!

Hey, guys. It’s Ben. We’re still “self-quarantined” here at Table Rock and honestly, I’ve never been happier. All the kids – and a bunch of the gang are here and while we sometimes miss our “real homes” we love living at the lake. We’re hoping and praying Scott, Denise, Cal, Alex and Raef will be joining us next Sunday. Some things I want to mention:
1. A special thought about our friend “ray.” He commented on our “brown” post, saying: “As an afterthought, your splendid isolation at the Lake might well produce some sort of “Decamerone” situation…When I was 13 and wanted to read it (because of interest in the pest, mind you!) I was denied access at the public library because it was considered “unfit” for minors…Long, long time ago!” That got me thinking about my own experience with reading “Decamerone.” I was 22 at the time and it was assigned reading in a “World literature” class I was taking. It’s an amazing book – and very timely right now. I admit I struggled some with it at age 22 and can’t imagine what reading it would have been like when I was 13. Thank you, Ray!
2. In addition to our base curriculum, I have a huge amount of latitude in teaching the kids down here. Last week, we got a do-it-yourself kit and built a drone. It was a challenging project and the kids loved it. Of course, after it was built, the kids wanted to fly it. Carol had told us she’d made chocolate chip cookies for us – so the kids took turns flying the drone over to Jim and Carol’s place. Each time the drone arrived over there, Carol would put two cookies in the carrier and the “pilot” would fly it back to our school. Tra and Dub are experienced drone operators so they helped the others with their maiden flights. When we were finished, we had cookies and milk to celebrate. YUM. Experiences like this are the reason I became a teacher.
3. Finally, I want to mention a really cool web tool I think some of you would like. It’s and it’s free. Using it, you can set up on-line meetings with friends, family or whomever. It’s free, and using it, you can “meet” with a bunch of people at the same time. Everyone who is at the “meeting” can see and hear everyone else and it’s a whole lot like sitting around and talking in person. All the Northland gang are using it now and it lets those separated by the coronavirus problem feel like we’re together. Fred, if you haven’t tried it, you should – for “meetings” with your son and his new wife.
That’s it for now. We’re thinking about you guys and praying you’re safe and well. We’ll get through this! xoxo Ben