The Benson twins – John and Joe

Unrulydude is forever grateful for the comments we receive from our viewers and CCC… and sometimes, like now, we’re absolutely amazed. The knowledge and contributions of our friend “bw” are truly in “a league of their own.”
After yesterday’s “brostaches” post, he commented (in part), saying:
“the twins in NO 48 were (I think) the Benson twins – and that’s about all I know. But I do know I would love to run my fingers through the fur on their chests.”
The name was all we needed to send us off on an internet search to find “the Benson twins” and, sure enough, here they are… Playgirl’s centerfold dudes from the September, 1983 issue.
Ummm… let’s see. IF they were 20 years old when these pics were taken (our guess), they’d be about 55 today. Bet they’re still HOT!
So, here’s a little “bonus post” thanks to “bw”. Babe, we’ve said it before and we’re saying it now… you’re a TREASURE and we LOVE YOU!

A post-birthday present for our buddy, “BillS” !

We had a comment from our buddy “BillS” earlier today, saying:
“I have seen #22 in a number of different poses all over the internet for a long time. He is the perfect boy-man model and his perfect package makes me drool….
But I am beginning to think that maybe all the photos that I have seen of him are from this same single photo-shoot.
Anybody know his name or if he is still showing off his assets? I think he’s dreamy!!!
The dude is a Fratmen model named “Micky” and we’re going to post sixteen pics of him here. He’s a twin – and his brother’s name is “Ajay.” The second sixteen pics in the set are of the boys together.
The next eight pics are from a set featuring Micky, Ajay and another guy named “Trent.”
The final eight pics are of “Ajay.” We didn’t think you’d mind if we featured him a bit. They ARE twins:)
We couldn’t agree with you more, Bill. These are “perfect boy-man model(s)”. We think they’re yummy. Thanks for giving us an excuse to post them!

Brothers and Twins: Incest is Best!

We had a comment yesterday from our good buddy, “Bill S,” saying: “Jingle’s comment yesterday (“they could pass for brothers”) inspired this post-request: Brothers and Twins: Incest Is Best!” Here you go, babe. Thanks for the suggestion!