His name is “Mauro,” and he’s a perfect example of the rare “purple-spotted unicorn”!

We’ve done lots of “series” posts here on URD, but never before one with 68 pics.
I thought about eliminating some… but couldn’t. This dude’s name is “Mauro” and I think he’s absolutely breathtaking. I just found him on the internet and know nothing about him. Based on how proud he is of his fuzzy little poop chute, I’m guessing he’s not necessarily straight?
“Mauro” is a “Portuguese and Southern-Italian form of the Latin name Maurus,” which means “Moor” or “dark skinned”. We’re hoping maybe Beto or Bill or one of you guys can give us more information.
In the mean-time, enjoy. He reminds me of Ben when we first met – and he’s a stunning little fucker 🙂

Happy birthday, dear Larry. Happy birthday to you!

Larry. Dear heart. Friend. Soul mate. Lover. We wish you health, love and every happiness on your birthday. THANK YOU for being one of UnrulyDude’s best and dearest friends. Happy birthday, baby. We love you!

It’s a “Friends Friday” look at “dudes spared by the knife.”

Hey, guys. It’s Rick. I think it’s probably time to bring you up-to-date on what’s been happening in our corner of the Northland. We’re busy getting ready for Christmas, of course… and Gram and Matt’s wedding… and all the other stuff that takes place during the Holidays. Travon is as excited about Christmas as a little guy could be. He had money saved up from his chores so Keon and I have both taken him shopping. He’s gotten gifts for Max, Keon, Dub, Bella, Austin and me, so he’s done with his shopping and we’ve helped him get the presents wrapped and put under the tree. He’s so “pumped” about the gifts we’re not sure he’ll be able to keep them secret until Christmas gets here. It’s the first time he’s ever been able to buy gifts for others and it means a lot to him.
I wasn’t surprised to learn that my brother Chad had broken up with “his woman.” Her problem with drugs is a seriously one and she’s just plain “bad news” as far as I’m concerned. Chad told me that he had refused to have sex with her without a condom because he knew she was having sex with other guys when she was off doing meth. When she got pregnant he knew it wasn’t his baby but he was willing to raise the kid as his own if she’d quit doing drugs and messing around. When she wouldn’t do that, he finally decided he had no choice and ended it.
What I WAS surprised about was that he wanted to experiment with gay sex with David and Ben. I mean, he’s a good looking guy (plus, he’s pretty hairy and uncut) and I know he’s a very sexual person – but I’ve never pictured him doing gay sex. I guess life is full of surprises.
Anyway, last weekend we all volunteered to help him get moved into his new place. Cal and Alex went over to check out the place last Friday evening and he (Chad) said Alex took one look at it and said, “Dude. This place needs serious work. You should let us help you with some cleaning and painting.” So we all showed up Saturday morning with cleaning supplies, paint brushes and rollers. By Saturday evening we’d painted the living room, hallway, one bedroom and bathroom. Alex even took him over to his storage unit and picked up some club chairs, tables and artwork he’d bought at estate sales. By the time we left Saturday night he was completely moved in and the house looked AWESOME. You wouldn’t believe what Alex and the Northland gang can accomplish in one day!
The wedding is set for Saturday at David and Ben’s house and we’re expecting a crowd. It’s not the ceremony Gram and Matthew had planned but with Denise and Dub in charge, I’m sure it’ll be great. We hope Santa is good to you this year and that you all have wonderful holidays! xoxo Rick and Keon