His name is “Mauro,” and he’s a perfect example of the rare “purple-spotted unicorn”!

We’ve done lots of “series” posts here on URD, but never before one with 68 pics.
I thought about eliminating some… but couldn’t. This dude’s name is “Mauro” and I think he’s absolutely breathtaking. I just found him on the internet and know nothing about him. Based on how proud he is of his fuzzy little poop chute, I’m guessing he’s not necessarily straight?
“Mauro” is a “Portuguese and Southern-Italian form of the Latin name Maurus,” which means “Moor” or “dark skinned”. We’re hoping maybe Beto or Bill or one of you guys can give us more information.
In the mean-time, enjoy. He reminds me of Ben when we first met – and he’s a stunning little fucker 🙂

Dude. It’s “Amateur Hour” on UnrulyDude!

Last week David did a post of “professional models” and mentioned that both he and I really prefer pics of “amateur” dudes. That’s true… but it doesn’t mean we don’t like “dude eye-candy” whether the guys are amateurs – or showing their junk for pay. Anyway, in response to David’s post, Jingle said “I’ll bet my left nut that in a few days, there’s gonna be a follow-up post of “real” dudes!!” We definitely don’t want our buddy to lose his “left nut” so here are the amateurs. Hope you guys like ’em as much as we do!

Dude. Gotta wear your shades!

Dub has been wanting to have Chance over to our house to see his room, garden, plants, dogs, etc. – so yesterday, we did that. Roberta is going to be at Cal and Alex’ place five days per week and have weekends off, so it worked out well. When we picked Chance up, he wasn’t wearing sunglasses and that was upsetting to Dub… who never goes outside without his. We asked him if he had sunglasses and he “said” he didn’t, so, of course, we stopped at our optometrist’s office on our way home and got him some. Dub was relieved that Chance’s eyes will now be safe from UV rays when he’s outside. The boys were a “hoot” wearing their “shades” and thought they were about the coolest thing ever. We took tons of pics. Dub and Chance had a GREAT day – and “Buzz” didn’t get more than a foot or two away from them. We did salads and individual “make your own” pizzas and Chance thought that was awesome. Although they don’t know all that much sign language yet, communicating doesn’t seem to be any problem whatever. Dub says “talking” with Chance is “real easy – you just do it with your hands and eyes.” They’re obviously going to be very good friends!