Here you go, dude. It’s the “Ins and outs” of mens underwear!

We thought that if we were going to do a post on the “ins and outs of mens underwear,” we should do a little on-line research on the U.S. market. In 2019, the U.S. men’s underwear market was estimated to be around 4 billion dollars. It’s projected to grow to 6.2 billion by 2027. We read tons of surveys and studies and came up with the following best guess on the popularity of men’s underwear in the United States, by type:
Boxer Briefs: 4l.8%
Boxers: 21.8%
Briefs: 18.4%
Other: 18.0% (Includes jockstraps, g-strings, bikini briefs, trunks, long johns
and “going commando”).
Although we’re not easily shocked, we were surprised to read the results of a recent Tommy Johns survey of 2,000 men that indicated they wear their underwear “two or more days” before changing. An amazing 13% of respondents admit to wearing the same pair of underwear for a week or longer. (We won’t tell Dub. He’d be totally grossed-out).
Men’s underwear prices vary dramatically, of course. The most expensive we’ve run across is Versace’s Barocco Anomalies Brief at $150. per pair. On the other end of the price spectrum, Amazon offers a 9-pack of Fruit of the loom briefs for $15.98, or $1.78 per pair. David says $150. Versace briefs are God’s way of saying “You have too much money.” 🙂 Each American male is believed to own 12 pairs of underwear, on average. (This number would be skewed by our friend Alex – who Cal swears owns not less than 100 pair).
So, that pretty well covers the “Ins and outs of men’s underwear.” The photos below may help to explain the item’s popularity.

Check it out. Dudes in undies (kind-of)!

We’re happy to hear that Denny and Dave are safe and surviving the big East Coast snowstorm with minimal disruption to their lives. Thanks for letting us know, Denny.
Of course we’ve been watching Jeopardy every day and are pretty much blown-away by
Brayden Smith. He does remind us a bit of “Jeopardy James” but Dub is relieved to learn he’s not a “professional gambler” like James. We’ll be pulling for him when we watch the show this evening!

I’m happy to tell you another crisis has been averted here in the Table Rock compound. The problem came up on Tuesday when Janette was working with the kids on their French. She told them about Christmas traditions in Franch such as “L’Avent,” “La Crèche,” and “Le Père Noël.” Then, she asked them what their favorite Christmas traditions were. They talked about lighting the roof lines of the cabins and Christmas trees and singing carols. Then, Chance asked if a tradition had to be something old. Janette said she thought a Christmas tradition could be something special that had happened, perhaps as little as one time – but would be repeated year after year. So Chance said “My favorite is our Christmas Zip Line (“Noel Tyrolienne” in French). It’s where us kids go up on this platform and pick up a Christmas gift for someone and ride down the zip line saying “Santa gift for (Carol or Bella or whoever). It’s real fun and I think it’s my favorite thing about Christmas.” The kids all agreed and then, of course, added “Noel Tyrolienne” to their French vocabularies.
The problem was that we were planning to have our big Christmas celebration at the clubhouse over at Koala Cove this year – instead of at Cal and Alex’s house like last year. And, of course there’s no zip-line at the clubhouse. I told the kids and they were totally bummed. It was like I’d told them there was no Santa or there wouldn’t be a Christmas this year.
So… I sent Alex a text and told him about the problem. Long story short, Alex and
Nathan got right on it and they’ve installed a temporary platform and the anchors for an even longer zip line at the club house. Honestly, these two are miracle workers.
This morning, I told the kids about the new, longer zip-line at Koala Cove and they’re ecstatic about it. Crisis averted. Joy to the World 🙂
We hope you’ve all made your Holiday plans and that this will be one of your best ever! xoxo Ben and David

Undies, dude. Tighty whities!

We had about 4 inches of snow on the ground by Saturday afternoon, so of course Dub and Austin wanted to get in the hot tub and make snow angels on the deck. David and I told them it’d be O.K.- and before we knew it, Travon, Bella and Chance had joined us so all five kids (plus David and I) were in the hot tub. When Chance and Bella arrived, Dub grinned and said “Hey, Izzie, you’ll freeze your tush off.” She looked at him and said “Worry about your own tush, bud.”
This was all new to Chance and we didn’t know what to expect from him, but he had great fun (except when he got in the tub after making a snow angel and yelled “My skin is on fire. My skin is burning!”
He’s a great little guy and pretty much “up” for whatever the other kids are doing 🙂

Yesterday, the gang all assembled over at Chad and Raef’s house for the Chiefs game with the Texans. Dub had gotten a new Chiefs cap with a Rally House gift card left over from Christmas. He wore it for “good luck,” but by the time the Texans were up 24-0, he had taken off the cap and put it out in the car. We were all nervous wrecks but Dub just said “It’ll be o.k. Patrick just needs to get ’em settled down so they can play. He was right – and they did – and the final score (51-31 Chiefs) had us all screaming and going nuts. What an unbelievable game it was! What incredible fun!