Undies, dude. Tighty whities!

We had about 4 inches of snow on the ground by Saturday afternoon, so of course Dub and Austin wanted to get in the hot tub and make snow angels on the deck. David and I told them it’d be O.K.- and before we knew it, Travon, Bella and Chance had joined us so all five kids (plus David and I) were in the hot tub. When Chance and Bella arrived, Dub grinned and said “Hey, Izzie, you’ll freeze your tush off.” She looked at him and said “Worry about your own tush, bud.”
This was all new to Chance and we didn’t know what to expect from him, but he had great fun (except when he got in the tub after making a snow angel and yelled “My skin is on fire. My skin is burning!”
He’s a great little guy and pretty much “up” for whatever the other kids are doing 🙂

Yesterday, the gang all assembled over at Chad and Raef’s house for the Chiefs game with the Texans. Dub had gotten a new Chiefs cap with a Rally House gift card left over from Christmas. He wore it for “good luck,” but by the time the Texans were up 24-0, he had taken off the cap and put it out in the car. We were all nervous wrecks but Dub just said “It’ll be o.k. Patrick just needs to get ’em settled down so they can play. He was right – and they did – and the final score (51-31 Chiefs) had us all screaming and going nuts. What an unbelievable game it was! What incredible fun!

It’s a “Friends Friday” look at ginger boys in their undies!

Hey, guys, it’s Keon. When Rick and I first met, he was a skinny little ginger boy, but since we’ve been together, he’s been seriously dedicated to working out. Now he’s a total ginger HUNK, and everywhere we go, I notice guys (and girls) checkin’ him out. He’s also gotten really particular about his underwear. Briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, you name it… he’s got ’em all. He may not be as obsessive as Alex about undies, but he’s a close second. It’s o.k. with me because I really like looking at him in them. Anyway, that got me thinking about ginger guys in undies and I thought maybe that’d make a good UnrulyDude post. Lot of hot guys here, but NONE hotter than my hubby!

Sunday evening, we asked Tra what he wanted for Christmas. He said “I don’t know.” I said “Sure you do. There must be something you’d really like.” He said “It’d prolly cost too much.” I said “What is it?” He just stood there thinking for a while and then blurted out “What I really want is a Mini-drone with a camera.” That took Rick and me totally by surprise… but we told him he’d need to put it in a letter to Santa… so he did. After we read for a while and he went to sleep, Rick said “What do you think about a drone?” I said “He’s probably too young for a drone – but maybe it’s something we could do together. It’d be fun learning about it and how it works.” So, you guessed it. Travon is getting his mini drone (with camera) for Christmas. We figure Tra should have what he wants because before we became a family we don’t think he got much of anything from Santa.

Dudes… Briefly… (rated “G” – all audiences)

This morning, Cal texted us and asked if we’d do a post for him to tag on to. The problem is, we wouldn’t want to do a gay sex post and risk having Denny see it by accident. So, Ben suggested doing a g-rated “undies” post. Seemed like a good idea, so here you have it. A bunch of dudes “briefly stated.” Hope you guys enjoy these pics while we’re waiting for Denny to get good news from his blood test 🙂

Hey, guys. It’s Cal. This will be short, but I want to let you know where we are on Chance’s adoption. Alex and I met with our attorneys yesterday morning and things are looking good. The hearing is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. next Tuesday. Our attorney has secured an “unconditional termination of parental rights” from the “mother” and the grandmother (through her court-appointed legal guardian). We have DNA test results from both the mother and grandmother confirming their relationship to Chance. The Department of Social Services has done their final “in-home evaluation” and has already filed a “notice of no objection” with the court.
So, yesterday evening Alex and I talked with Chance about adoption for the first time. We told him we were pretty sure he would become a “forever” part of our family next Tuesday. We also told him he’d need to talk to the judge at the hearing. He asked what he should say to her. I signed, “Chance. You know what it means to ‘Tell the trust’ don’t you?” He said “Of course.” I told him if he just did that everything would be fine. He and Bella just kept giggling and smiling from ear-to-ear.
We really appreciate all your thoughts and prayers. Hopefully it won’t be long now!