Fuck, yeah. Undies selfies!

Due to the Labor Day holiday, your trash pick-up will be one-day late this week. Live with it, bitch.

This “undies selfies” post was scheduled to go up on the blog on Sunday. For some unknown reason, it didn’t post. Don’t know why. It’s just one of the wonders of WordPress, I guess. It’s a favorite of mine, so I decided to post it today. We’ll do the trash post tomorrow.
Now, for a report on our Labor Day get-away:
We picked up Rick and Keon Friday morning – drove to Springfield – dropped Dub off at his grandmothers’ (and Coco’s) house – and headed to Table Rock lake. We had told Dub we were going to the lake and that he could go with us if he wanted, but he was set on spending the weekend with his grandparents. I think maybe he was still a little bummed about Erik and Austin being away for the weekend.
None of us had ever been to the “cabin”, so we didn’t know what to expect. Actually, we took our sleeping bags and some camping supplies because we didn’t know if we’d be “roughing it.” Boy, were we surprised. The “cabin” turned out to be a beautiful little A-frame on a secluded cove… and it has everything. Central A/C, running cold and hot water, a frig and satellite t.v./internet. There are only two other “cabins” on the cove and they’re positioned so you can’t see either of them from the A-frame. There’s a boat dock for the three cabins – and we don’t know how that works because Table Rock is a Corps of Engineers lake and doesn’t allow private docks. David says if you have enough money, pretty much anything is possible.
After we got to the cabin and checked it out, we drove back into Kimberling City to stock up on groceries. Of course, we had brought PLENTY of beer (and pot) with us.
Our favorite thing about the “cabin” was the big screened-in porch on one side. It’s HUGE and beautifully furnished, including loungers, daybeds and an outdoor music system and t.v. That’s where we spent most of our time when we weren’t out boating and swimming.
We spent three nights at the lake and were naked most of the time except for swim suits when we were out on the lake. The cabin is so secluded that there wasn’t any need for clothes and none of us felt like wearing any – except for Rick who is so fair-skinned that he has to wear a shirt part of the time (in addition to a whole lot of sun screen).
On Sunday morning, we were all sleeping on the screened porch and I heard a sound and woke up early. When I got my eyes open, I was staring in the face of a small deer on the other side of the screen – it’s face not more than six inches from mine. There were two little ones and a bigger one – I assume the mother – and they were all just looking at us. I gently woke David with my hand over his mouth so he wouldn’t say anything and spook them, and we just lay there cuddling and watching the deer watching us. It was just wonderfully peaceful.
We all enjoyed the weekend more than we could have imagined. We cooked all our food on a grill on a little deck just outside the porch – and drank lots of beer – and smoked a bunch of pot – had sex whenever we wanted – and just totally relaxed and enjoyed being together.
I know Summer is almost over – and that’s kind of sad because it’ll be the end of Summer things. But, of course, there’s fall… and soccer and American football… and Halloween just around the corner… and we love all four seasons – and spending them with our son and our very special friends.
God bless.

Check it out, dude. Undies selfies!

We had a comment earlier today from “Jim from Austin,” saying: “Howzabout a tighty whitie post?????? (Or a hot daddies in tighty whities post???)”
We thought it was an amazing coincidence because we’d already put this “undies selfies” post together… and it’s kind of, sort of what Jim is requesting. We’ll do a true “tighty whites” post later on… but, for now, here are some camera boys teasing us and making us wonder what’s going on under there!

Jim from Austin