Dude. Time to break out the long johns… and celebrate a little.

Well. What a FUN day that was! We got up yesterday morning with snow falling and beginning to accumulate. David, Dub and I put on our long johns, bundled up and headed out to get an early start on shoveling the driveway and sidewalks. Rick, Keon, Travon (and Max) came over for brunch and afterward we all went outside to build snow forts and toss snowballs. Before long, Austin, Erik and about a dozen other neighborhood kids showed up to join in the fun. Miss Bebe was perfectly happy to stay warm inside the house, but of course Buzz and Max were in the big middle of the whole thing… running and barking and chasing snowballs.
About 2 o’clock, we headed over to Chad’s house to get ready for the Chiefs game. The whole gang was there and food was everywhere (including plenty of veggies for Dub and Bella). Chad has a new Sony 65″ hi-def tv and sound system so it was almost like being there in person. We were cheering so loud at one point that Austin said “I bet it’s louder here than it is at the game.” We all loved every minute of it and even Cal and Keon (who insist “this isn’t real footbol”) got into it. And by-the-way David and I know that having Alexander, Bill S, Jingle, Denny, bw, Kent and Larry cheering along with us was a big help. Thanks, guys!
We know next weeks’ game against the Patriots won’t be easy, but we have lots of confidence in the Chiefs and if Justin Houston and the defense play like they did yesterday, we’ll be fine.

Two more for our “totally smitten” bud!

Our buddy, “Jingle” commented yesterday (about our “union suits” post, saying:
“I’m totally smitten with blazin’ hot #46!! While a lot is left to the imagination; it’s patently obvious that he has a great body, awesome arms, and a fine package to go with his handsome face!! (And I dig the argyle trim on the placket of his Union Suit!! 🙂 )”
Well, babe, since he’s obviously your type, here are a couple of more pics of him. I got these from one of Ben’s “REDS” folders. Don’t know who he is or anything more about him, but thought you’d like to see a bit more – including some tatts. 🙂
(The first pic is #46 from the post. The second and third are new.

An awesome Christmas!

It’s been a really nice Christmas for Ben, Dub, me and our friends. On Saturday, we drove to Springfield for a holiday get-together with Dub’s grandparents, Coco and our lake friends Jim and Carole. We got there in time to take the grandparents to Pizza House for lunch, then headed to their house. When we got there, Dub and his Pop-Pops went to his man-cave (which they told us was strictly off-limits to everyone else). We didn’t know what they were doing but figured it had to do with Christmas presents because after about an hour they took a box out and put it in the car. It was great sharing the Holiday with Jim and Carol. Although they’d been told “no gifts,” they brought dub a red union suit that he thinks is just about the greatest thing ever! (Ben and I never know what he’ll get excited about 🙂 )
We came home on Sunday and spent Christmas eve with Keon and Rick. We exchanged gifts and Dub surprised us with 5 x 7 framed photos. He gave Ben and me pics of the three of us in our dress shirts and bow ties – taken at Alex and Cal’s wedding. For Keon, he had a pic of the two of them (Dub and Keon) in their soccer kits… and For Rick a pic of the 3 of them, shirtless, working in the garden. Dub absolutely beamed as we opened them, telling us “It was my idea and PopPops and me made ’em.” We were caught completely off guard and amazed that he had pulled it off! We finished the evening by watching “A Christmas Story,” which has become an annual tradition (Dub wore his new union suit for the occasion).
On Monday morning, we opened “Santa” presents, had a late breakfast and headed over to Alex and Cal’s for the big Christmas get-together. Everyone who was at our house for Thanksgiving was there – and a few more. The guys were terrific hosts and Cal’s Mom had obviously been a big part of putting it all together. Izzie was all smiles as she showed everyone her room and books and toys – and was totally thrilled by all the gifts she received. She and her friend Kylie follow Dub, Austin and Erik around like little puppies. Speaking of puppies, Cal and Alex decided against getting Izzie one for Christmas. She was a bit disappointed but they told her she could have one when she’s as old as Dub and can take care of it. Dub surprised Alex, Cal and Izzie with framed pics that they think are wonderful. I’m guessing Ben and I will do the big Christmas get-together next year, but honestly, it was kind of nice having someone else do it this time.
One last thing. Dub’s grandfather called yesterday evening. He asked if we had opened our gifts and we told him how pleased we were with the pics. He said they were totally Dub’s idea. He said Dub called and asked for his help. He said Dub sent him the pics – one at a time – by e-mail. The museum frames were his idea and it really pleased Dub. He said after they put the photos in the frames and put them in gift bags, Dub dug in his pocket and handed him a wad of money. He said it was three crumpled dollar bills, 2 quarters, 3 dimes, a nickel and 2 pennies. Dub said “It’s for the pitcher frames.” He said “Dub, I don’t want your money. I’m just glad to help.” Dub said “They’re MY presents, Pop-Pop.” He said after we left for home, he went to his man cave and had a good cry because that’s something Donnie would have done. Said he’s going to put the $3.87 in a frame and give it Dub when he graduates high school.