Here’s another Unrulydude redux!

On Wednesday, “Beto” commented (in part): “I can’t deny I’ve been eagerly waiting for another cum, unruly cum, or breed post.”
That got me thinking about all the “unruly” posts I did on the old Unrulydude (on Blogger) before it got deleted. So… I went back and pulled out some favorite pics from the posts (some of these I honestly haven’t seen in years). I hope you’ll enjoy them. Nothing new here – but damn they’re fun! xoxo David

Hey. It’s Alex. I think it’s time to update you on our new project. We’ve finalized the plot plan and engineering and submitted everything to the various authorities. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we get underway. The final (?) project will be 18 acres on which we plan to build 88 luxury townhomes – plus 2 acres for “dedicated agricultural use.” Yup. We’re going with bw’s suggestions. The name we’ve submitted is “Berry Farm Place.” We love that the individual unit addresses will be “One Berry Farm Place,” or “Fifty Four Berry Farm Place,” etc. Sounds pretty classy… huh? We’re planning a working berry farm on the additional two acres. There’ll be strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and possibly others. It’ll be professionally managed and the townhouse owners association will own it.
I’ve done 24 artist sketches and have already shown them to a few local realtors. We’re talking unit prices beginning at slightly above $600K and the realtors think they’ll sell quickly. We hope. 🙂
In the meantime, we’re all anxiously anticipating next weeks Super Bowl. We’re confident we have the better team, but you never know. GO CHIEFS!
Be careful, wear your masks and avoid being around people beyond your families and closest friends. Maybe we’ll all be vaccinated and living in a somewhat normal world by late Summer or Fall. xoxo Alex and Cal

“Unruly redux”

When we were putting the pics together for Tim’s “First time” post request, I found myself looking around in some of David’s old “Unruly” folders. These go back, maybe 4 or 5 blogs that were deleted by Blogger and other sites. Some are from “unrulydude” blogs and two are from “unrulyboi” which he tells me was his first blog. Anyway there’s some amazing stuff in them. So, I picked some I especially like and am calling this “unruly redux”. None of these are “new” pics – and many of you have already seen all or most of ’em. I just thought it was a fun “blast from the past” – and since Chad had asked us to do a post for him to “tag on” to, here it is.

Hey, all. It’s Chad with a “Matty update.” Our attorney called last week and said the State people “had to do” an in-home inspection before they could submit their adoption recommendation to the Court. They came down on the Tuesday before the big move. We had told them about our concern with people coming here because of the pandemic… and, I have to say they were champs about it. When they got here, they got out of their car, put on tyvek coveralls, masks and plastic head covers. When they got to the front door they pulled on gloves and put covers on their shoes. When they came into the house, Matty looked at them and said “You look funny.” The lady chuckled and said “Well, we feel kinda funny… but we want to make sure we don’t do anything to hurt you.” So, Matty showed them his room and got them acquainted with “Bud” and they talked for an hour or so. Then we talked with them for a few minutes and they left. Our attorney called on Wednesday (while we were moving) and told us she’d talked with the Dept. of Social Services and they were making a positive recommendation to the court. Anyway, we didn’t have to go to K.C. (because of CoVid) and, instead, we “Skyped” with the Judge and our attorney. The judge told us she’d reviewed the State’s recommendation and was pleased with it. She talked with Matty and us for about five minutes and signed the adoption paperwork. So it’s a “done deal” and Raef and I are officially Matty’s parents now. We’re having a big 4th of July party to celebrate Matty’s new permanent home and our Country’s independence. Here’s a big “THANK YOU” for your thoughts and prayers as we’ve gone through this process. xoxo Chad, Raef and Matty