Happy Valentines Day!

This morning, Dub came barreling into our room and jumped in our bed saying “Happy Velumtine Day… Happy Velumtine Day!” The pups joined in the fun, of course… and Dub handed David and me each a little envelope… saying “Open ’em, open ’em.” So we did. He had valentines for each of us – both signed “For Dad, love from Dub,” and beside his name was a big, hand-drawn red heart. They’re small, kids cards (furnished by Miz Pam, of course) and they’re the sweetest, most beautiful greeting cards anyone ever received. I admit, David and I got a little teared-up when we read them. So, David and I got up and got the valentines we’d gotten for Dub… and got back in bed and he opened his cards and the pups barked (they’re schnauzers) and we all just enjoyed some time together being a family.
We hope each of you have had a wonderful Valentines day.
Love you,
Ben, David, Dub (and the dogs)