Special thanks!

We received an a-mail from Tumblr this morning, congratulating us on 1,000 posts to Unrulydude.tumblr.com. For us, this is kind of a “Whose blog is this, anyway?” moment. The Tumblr blog was originally set up by our amazing friend, Lee Keels. Big thanks to Lee! Then, we established some guidelines for videos posted: First. No obviously copyrighted videos. That means no Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody, FraternityX, Bel Ami, Treasure Island, Tim’s Tales, etc. We’re not in the business of stealing studio stuff and, besides, we find most of it slick and boring. Second, posting is open to our friends. That means Rick, Keon, Alex and Callum in addition to Ben and myself. And third, no scat, fisting, sounding, females or similarly disgusting stuff. If anyone wants to see that, it’s available all over Tumblr, just not on Unrulydude.
We’re pleased with the result. 1,000 videos in 10 months has a nice “ring” to it. If I was guessing, I’d guess Ben and I have posted, maybe 100 or so videos each. Rick and Keon maybe 50 or less each. The rest are pure Alex and Cal and we think they do a wonderful job. Since there’s currently not a way to comment directly on the video blog, if you enjoy it, it’s nice to let Alex and Cal know by commenting here – like Jingle does. THANKS, guys. We look forward to seeing what you have for us in the future!

A little video treat.

For those of you who liked the hairy dude in the last four pics of Tuesday’s Trash post, here’s a link to the video of this beautiful dude jerkin’ off a load. It’s definitely worth a look!